Jaffa Factory 2 was built by Simon, Lewis and Duncan during the 2015 Jingle Jam. The trio aimed to recreate the original Jaffa Factory, which had previously taken nearly 100 episodes to complete, in just 2 hours.

Layout and DesignEdit

This second iteration of the factory bears only minimal resemblance to the original building. It is constructed of marble as before, but overall the design is different, with cobble chairs lining the walls in an effort to add detail. Originally a larger building was planned, but due to time and resource constraints a much smaller building was constructed instead. Honeydew's logo is reduced in quality to a mere 6 blocks, as is the Santa Claus/Jimmy Saville statue on the roof, which Simon built from just 4 blocks with a skull for the head. The roof itself is non-existent.

Within the outer walls lies the equipment and machinery responsible for producing the Jaffa cakes. A farm provides wheat and sugar, and cows and chickens are kept in pens to provide the milk and eggs. The pipes from these join to a liqui-crafter in the centre which makes the Jaffas, and a pipe leading from here transports the finished cakes to Simon's throne inside the smaller building via the roof.