The Jailhouse Six was created by Zoey along with her prison mates while under the custody of the Brown Mushroom Insurgency, speculation suggests that Zoey wanted to create a blues band to keep her sanity during her isolation from Rythian. The Jailhouse 5 have released at least two songs, one immediately after the band's formation, one shortly before her assisted prison break. Fishton has the closest relationship to Zoey, she often asks for his council on difficult subjects; Fishton replies in his Chromonica/Harmonica language. Ringo is also a recurring band member who can be identified by his green (irradiated) wool. Ringo is apparently dangerous but the reason for his imprisonment has not been discussed. The band is an obvious homage to the Beatles, All members (Except Zoey and Fishton) are named after the Beatles artists, John (Lennon), Paul (McCartney), George (Harrison) and Ringo (Starr).

The band's name is somewhat debatable since the band's debut music video is titled both 'Jailhouse 6' and 'Jailhouse 5 (Feat. Zoey)' In recent episodes, Zoey has included Rythian and other characters in the band, bringing the total to be 'Jailhouse 9'.


The original members of Zoey's Jailhouse band are as follows:

Band Members
Name Species/Object Why They Are There       Instrument
George Red Mushroom

Trespassing, enemy (possibly)

John Brown Mushroom Not funding the war effort Keyboard
Ringo Sheep Unknown Drums
Paul Testificate Unknown Bass
Zoey Player Failure to follow kings orders Fishton
Fishton Fish Harmonica To entertain Zoey Himself

Blackrock ChroniclesEdit

In Tekkit Rebirth, Zoey was imprisoned for failing to follow Jeff's orders. There were others in her prison, each with a different story. As Zoey figured out each one, she rummaged through her chest, only to find some grain, and a fish. Apparently the fish was really a fish harmonica, she later named Fishton, which inspired her to play some mushroom prison blues, with her prison mates. Zoey, and her prison mates played their prison blues, starting a prison band. After Zoey escaped, and met up with Rythian, they came back to the prison to break the band out of prison.

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