JesusFucker5000 is Team Double Dragon's current colony in their RimWorld play though.

Colonists: Edit

(Not including prisoners)

Name Relations First Appearance Reason Time in the Colony Last Appearance Reason
Mikhail "Paperboy" Batson Dad's Son Episode 1 Founder Episode 1 - Episode 5 Episode 5 Kidnapped
Nick "Janitor J" Whitford Episode 1 Founder Episode 1 - Episode 8 Episode 8 Died
Jonathan "JohnLocke" Craig Kallisti's lover Episode 1 Founder Episode 1 - Present
Tycho "Dad" Batson Paperboy's Dad Episode 3 Defected Episode 3 - Episode 5 Episode 5 Died
Ivan "Peabody" Gregory Episode 4 Escapee Episode 4 - Present
Jean "Frenchy" De Dion Episode 9 Imprisoned Episode 10 - Present
Vidimir Castaway Episode 10 Escapee Episode 10 - Present
Kallisiti Taster JohnLocke's Lover Episode 10 Escape Pod Episode 10 Episode 10 Died

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