Jet Set Radio Future is a game developed by Smilebit. It is the sequel to Jet Set Radio. There are 12 episodes in Martyn's series.

Episode GuideEdit

Martyn — Jet Set Radio Future
Video Name Table yt
Memory Lane - Jet Set Radio Future Watch
JSRF: Harajuku Girls?! (EP03) Watch
JSRF: Was It Graham? (EP04) Watch
JSRF: I choose YOU.. Chocolander!! (EP05) Watch
JSRF: Mummified Metapod! (EP06) Watch
JSRF: Naughty Alleyway! (EP07) Watch
JSRF: Spraycan vs. Chopper?! (EP08) Watch
JSRF: Lemon Ball!!! (EP09) Watch
JSRF: Theme Park Fun!! (EP10) Watch
JSRF: Saw & Inspector Gadget? (EP11) Watch
JSRF: The Finale! (EP12) Watch

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