Jiǔtóu Zhìjī Jīng is Kim Richards' character in High Rollers D&D. She is a tiefling monk.

Jiǔtóu, together with Cam, Elora and Trellimar, travel around Arrak as a group to prevent Broken Sky from destroying Dawn Republic. She also has a personal goal to confront Korak the Champion for what he did to her family and herself in the past.


Race Class & Level Alignment
Tiefling Monk, Level 12
Way of the Four Elements
Chaotic Neutral
Background Patron Armour Class Hitpoints
Folk Hero None 18 65
Ability Scores
8 20 11 10 16 10
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Note 1: Hitpoints correct as of Session 49.[1]
Note 2: Ability Scores correct as of Session 49.[1]


Jiǔtóu's skin is purple in colour. Her horns, a distinctive tiefling feature, are fully grown. She also has a tail, another distinctive tiefling feature. Thanks to her horns she reaches a height of 5' 9" (175cm). Just like Kim's Minecraft avatar, nanosounds, Jiǔtóu has a pair of flower hairpins pinned in her long black hair. She also has red eyes that glow, sometimes with flames. On her back are multiple scars from the torture she faced as a slave during her younger days.

Jiǔtóu wears a Chinese-inspired robe, mainly in colours of red, black and gold, over her underclothes. She wields a guandao (reskined quarterstaff for flavor).

After ResurrectionEdit

HRStorySoFar - Resurrected Jiutou

A physically young Jiǔtóu, with her companions standing behind her. Screenshot from "The Story So Far".

Jiǔtóu is resurrected in Session 9 after her death in Session 6. As a result of the consequence linked to the character's first resurrection, Jiǔtóu is physically reduced in age to when she was 15 years old, yet retains her present memory, including the teachings by Master Guanyin. She had to tailor her clothes to fit her now small stature.

On several occasions, Jiǔtóu uses her younger stature to prevent anyone from serving her alcoholic beverages, either to simply avoid drinking them or to not harm the tavern's owner.


Jiǔtóu is quite an angry character, the result of years of suffering. She gets bored easily and often wanders away from the group when she feels they aren't moving quickly enough. She values freedom, and her objective is to free other tieflings who are suffering as slaves. She is headstrong, even to the point of her own destruction and peril. After being revived from death, Jiǔtóu is now cautious of her actions, knowing that certain actions may lead to undesirable consequences.

Jiǔtóu is very fond of her parents after losing them at a young age, but no longer remembers how they look like. In Session 16, when Enoran revealed her exquisite costume that reflects her inner personality, Jiǔtóu shares with him the story of a tiefling Coming-of-Age ceremony, a tradition where parents would dress their children, upon reaching adulthood, in elaborate clothing. She never got a chance to wear such clothing and appreciate Enoran's work. Enoran then tells her that perhaps it is a day where she should give herself another chance.


Jiǔtóu was born in a village housing freed tieflings in Bresseras to Mei Li and Zhi Rong. Jiǔtóu spent her childhood just like any typical young tieflings at that time.

Her life abruptly changed at the age of six, when a party of dragonborns raided the village at night. Jiǔtóu witnessed her parents being murdered by a dragonborn whose scales are of red and gold. The same dragonborn abducted her and used her as his personal slave. She is forced to work for him for the next seven years until she successfully escapes his domain. She fled to the Dawn Republic and sought shelter at a monastery run by elves and half-elves. They took her in and taught martial arts and meditation to help her through the trauma.

By age 19, Jiǔtóu felt she was ready and embarked on a quest to free her fellow tieflings from slavery by confronting Korak the Champion, a dragonborn whose scales are of red and gold. She was 23 years old by the time she was on a caravan travelling to the capital Talis'Val, where she met the other adventurers.

In Session 6, Jiǔtóu was killed during a scuffle in the vault of the ruined manor, resulting in her companions having to divert their journey to resurrect her. After completing the task given to them, she is resurrected in Session 9, although with consequences.


Her CompanionsEdit

See Also: Cam's, Elora's and Trellimar's relationship with the companions

At first, Jiǔtóu is annoyed by her companions for meddling with problems that do not concern her, yet she still helps them to solve the problems so that she could finish her quest as soon as possible. It is through such activities that she slowly opens up to them, especially during the Golden Light Festival. Her improved relationship with Elora, who is an elf, could also be contributed to her experiences with the elven and half-elven monks and nuns back at the monastery during her younger days.

Her death in Session 6 affected both Cam and Elora badly. Trellimar remains composed but advised them on possible locations to resurrect her. During her meditation in Arborea with Master Guanyin, Jiǔtóu reach out and help Trellimar who had fallen in battle in Session 8. Shortly after being resurrected, with the memories of what Master Guanyin had shown her still fresh in her mind, she made a blood oath that she will fight for and stand by them. She now becomes more receptive to her companions and tries to return the favour whenever possible.

Cam BucklandEdit

Despite Cam being irritating, she remains with him because Cam is travelling to Talis'Val to perform for Korak the Champion. Unknown to the rest, she plans to confront Korak as it is his kind, the dragonborn, that enslaved the tieflings.

In Session 9, when Cam passed out drunk at the Oaken Wagon in Feyden, she tries to carry him into the room upstairs for him to rest despite her small stature; Elora and Falk helped her out. However, in Session 11, Jiǔtóu, as well as Elora, Falk and Trellimar, are all shocked by Cam's action leading to Dimitriv's death. Yet, she remains by him as they enter Talis'Val. She also agrees to participate in Cam's performance in Session 16, although reluctant at first.

Despite her oath, Jiǔtóu's frustration towards Cam grew, especially in his joking manner to mask his problems. In her perspective, she believes Cam tries to avoid responsibility for the death of both Dimitriv and Mirela. She eventually confronts him on this issue in Session 27. Cam explains that although he uses his humour as a facade, he claims that he is not running away from his problems, giving priority to saving the problems that the Republic is facing first. He also rebukes Jiǔtóu and states that the circumstances leading to Dimitriv's death are far different to Mirela's, making him upset at Jiǔtóu for making such comparisons. Nonetheless, the two try their best to protect one another after their conversation got interrupted by the attack from Dimitriv's revenant spirit.

Korak the Champion and the dragonbornsEdit

See Also: Korak the Champion's relationship with Jiutou

Jiǔtóu dislikes the entire dragonborn race, especially the one with scales are red and gold that murdered her parents during one of the dragonborn's raids on a village housing tieflings that escaped slavery. The same dragonborn found her and used her as a slave for seven years, after which she escaped and fled to the Dawn Republic. As Korak the Champion is a dragonborn with scales of red and gold, she believes that he is the one who murdered her parents and has enslaved her.

However, when Jiǔtóu confronts Korak the Champion in Session 15, Korak tells her that it was his twin brother, whose scales are also of red and gold, that had enslaved her. Jiǔtóu felt that her training to get revenge has gone to a waste, but Korak rejects her statement. He proposes to Jiǔtóu that they should form an alliance and get revenge in Bresseras since Korak also wishes to get revenge on his father and brother. Korak also believes that tieflings should no longer be seen as an enemy, but as a race that co-exists with the dragonborn, since another war is highly unlikely to happen again.

After receiving a letter from Korak in Session 16, Jiǔtóu has a friendly conversation with him during the tea reception at the Feast of Stone later in the evening. As Korak is a warrior, she wishes to see him returning to fighting.[2]

Abilities and PowersEdit

Note: This section only lists prominent spells, features, traits, equipment, and proficiencies. See Player's Handbook for more information on the character's race and class.

Jiǔtóu carries an explorer's pack. She can speak, read and write Common, Infernal and Abyssal. She is also proficient in cooking.[3]

Being a tiefling monk who follows the monastic tradition of the Way of the Four Elements, Jiǔtóu is proficient in martial arts and has regularly uses the following disciplines: Elemental Attunement, Sweeping Cinder Strike and Water Whip. She also regularly cast Hellish Rebuke and Thaumaturgy as part of tiefling's Infernal Legacy trait.


HighRollers Crownrend Stats

Mark Hulmes publicly released most information about Crownrend via his Twitter account.[4]

Crownrend is a legendary sentient weapon of Chaotic Evil alignment introduced in Session 21.[5] It is a dark iron bracer forged around a large fire-red ruby gemstone that glows with malice and intensity when caught in firelight. To wear it, the creature of non-lawful and non-good alignment must bind its soul to it.[4][6]

Being a sentient weapon, Crownrend can communicate telepathically with anyone, particularly to its wielder, and can extend into a powerful claw should the wielder chooses it to. The wielder can also activate Crownrend, allowing it to transform into two known forms of transformation to become a more powerful weapon, though at the cost of the wielder's vitality.


Crownrend's only goal is to topple all tyrants, leaders and people of authority. As such, it will growl and rumble should the wielder speak to such people. Crownrend will also tell the wielder that such people cannot be trusted. Though Crownrend encourages its wielder to pursue their own goals, it manipulates those goals to align with its own whenever possible.

Crownrend hates to be referred to as a weapon or tool, as it only serves as a reminder that it is not capable of pursuing its goals alone. It actively tries to tell the wielder that it is an ally by offering advice and kinship at first. Over time, however, Crownrend will corrupt the wielder by claiming that he or she will be weak without it, so as to make sure that the wielder will not part it.

Due to Crownrend's corrupting nature, after the fifth time activation, the wielder will develop a flaw that he or she will struggle to repress bloodthirsty and violent feelings. After the tenth activation, the wielder will develop a bond with Crownrend and will not give it up for anyone or anything since it needs its power to survive. However, should the wielder successfully removes Crownrend by this point, any corrupting effects on the wielder will cease.[7]

If conflict occurs, Crownrend grows hot to the touch and causes discomfort to the wielder.


Prior to the events in Session 21, those that heard tales about Crownrend believes that it is a myth or legend. Salah Balah is one of the few who had heard about it, so he is taken by surprise when he is made known about it in Session 37. As the tale generally goes, a demon commander forged Crownrend to topple his tyrannical master Asmodeus but, as he eventually becomes a tyrant with his newfound power, Crownrend rejects him by killing him.[8]

The history behind Crownrend follows closely to the tale. The demon commander is Mephistopheles, who wants to kill his master Asmodeus. In order to have the power to do so, Mephistopheles forged Crownrend in the Nine Hells of Baator and infuses it with all the hatred he can muster against tyrants and leaders. After wielding it and killing his master, however, Mephistopheles eventually becomes a tyrant himself with his new power, which forces Crownrend to kill him.[8] Crownrend then somehow have an underling to steal it from Mephistopheles so it can be moved about.[9]

Crownrend is brought to the Surface by pure coincidence as the underling happens to be summoned into a drow enclave in the Garden of Stones by Kalex, the matron of the house. However, the underling was already terribly injured and dies almost immediately, turning into ashes as it returns back to the Nine Hells of Baator. This results in the underling leaving the bracer behind. Kalex tries to use it but Crownrend, knowing that she is a tyrant, refuses to respond to her command. As such, Kalex kept it enclosed inside a glass container on top of a pedestal in her study. Kalex was eventually killed during a ritual, leaving Crownrend locked up for centuries until Jiǔtóu comes along and becomes the new owner.[5]

The adventurers come across Crownrend encased in a glass container in the study of the drow enclave. Everyone felt an uncomfortable aura surrounding it, except for Jiǔtóu who feels the welcoming warmth. Sensing that it seems to be reaching out to her, Jiǔtóu lifts the glass cover and intends to wear it. Before she touches it, Crownrend speaks in Jiǔtóu's mind through telepathy, eventually telling her of its background and its purpose. However, it does not tells her what it can do until she decides to make a bond with it, which Jiǔtóu eventually does and becoming its new master. Throughout this exchange, Jiǔtóu makes known to her companions that Crownrend have sentience, which makes all of them uneasy. Crownrend also speaks telepathically to Cam, which spooks him. Nonetheless, Crownrend assures everyone that he will be their ally as long as they fight against tyranny together with Jiǔtóu.[10][11][12][13][14]

Jiǔtóu actively uses Crownrend to aid in the adventurers' journey through the Underdark. She first uses it to see through the succubus claiming to be Kalex's daughter in Session 22. Also during the same session, her next use of Crownrend is during the coup d'état against Queen Sharisa, which happens to be the first time she activates it during a combat. In Session 24 and later in 25, Crownrend cannot sense Granamyr's presence, causing Trellimar to be upset in both instances.

Jiǔtóu continues to use Crownrend actively during certain combats on the Surface. During the ambush against members of the Broken Sky in Sessions 25 and 26, Crownrend is activated once again and consumes the heart of Varesh. It is also activated during the second and third encounters against Dimitriv's revenant in Sessions 27 and 28, also consuming a heart of a nightmare.

The first conflict between Jiǔtóu and Crownrend happens in Session 25 over her new friend Korak Real name: Adrik, since he is the champion of the Dawn Republic. Their conflict grew as Crownrend gets exposed to more city officials working for the Government of the Dawn Republic since Session 27. Since Session 28, the conflict now involves Elora and the Council of Elves after he is made known that Elora is a princess. Ever since then, Crownrend constantly tells Jiǔtóu that Elora will eventually become tyrannical, in which she had to retort back by telling him not to speak ill of her.[15] She also have to remind herself that Elora, together with the rest, helped to bring her back to life. At one point, Jiǔtóu even tells Crownrend that had it be not for Elora's action, Crownrend would still be left alone in the Underdark.

The longer Jiǔtóu wears Crownrend, the more manipulative he becomes. The first sign of this appears in Session 30 when Crownrend tries to manipulate Jiǔtóu in burning the captured bandits alive following the raid on Redcrop. Jiǔtóu instead scars one of the bandits. Her action horrify everyone who witnessed it, including her companions and the elven royals she is travelling with. In Session 31, Crownrend prevents Jiǔtóu from escaping despite having low health as Crownrend successfully urges her to stay and fight to her death.[16] Crownrend expresses his desire to kill more people despite the end of combat in Session 32.[17] The first sign of defiance from Crownrend happened in Session 34, where Crownrend deactivates itself after Jiǔtóu refuses to kill Sheriff Macklin.[18] By now, Jiǔtóu becomes increasingly conflicted between herself and Crownrend.

The tipping point comes in Session 36 when Crownrend almost made Jiǔtóu kill Queen Shalana, who had become a winter werewolf after being affected by the curse given by King Selandris. Queen Shalana is one of the key people who helped the adventurers to revive Jiǔtóu. Cam sees the conflict with Crownrend up close, so he advises Jiǔtóu to keep in control. His advice did help in some way for Jiǔtóu to resist Crownrend's manipulation, who then removes herself from the combat and, through remembering what Master Guanyin taught her during her death, effectively blocks all of Crownrend's attempt to talk to her. Both of them eventually agree on a compromise, in which Jiǔtóu will have control over his strength in exchange for the heart of King Selandris.

Following the defeat of King Selandris in Session 36, Jiǔtóu excuses herself and goes into meditation in Session 37 and 38. After the battle of the Winter Spire has ended, Cam and Trellimar return back to Jiǔtóu to have a chat regarding Crownrend. It is during this conversation that Jiǔtóu reveals that she feels hopeless and had to rely on Crownrend for strength. Cam argues that Jiǔtóu is strong without Crownrend, though Crownrend argues that Jiǔtóu will be weak without it. Eventually, Jiǔtóu decides to sever her bond with Crownrend and successfully removes it.

As Crownrend knows that he is useless without a master, he momentarily tries to convince Trellimar to be his master. Instead, Trellimar tries to destroy it, knowing how it affected Jiǔtóu negatively. However, he is unable to destroy. Elora later rejoins them and fires an arrow at Crownrend with her Moonbow. The impact of the arrow, however, is strong enough to fling Crownrend over the platform and down to the ground, landing within the Winter Spire complex. A Winter Spire soldier sees Crownrend and picks it up. Crownrend then engulfs the soldier in flames and teleports both the soldier and itself back into the Nine Hells of Baator.



Abilities and PowersEdit

Ability Scores
14 10 18

Crownrend can speak, read and understand Common, Infernal and Abyssal languages. It can also hear and allows the wielder to have darkvision of a range of 60 feet. It can not only communicates telepathically with its wielder but also speak telepathically with anyone within 30 feet. Whenever Crownrend speaks, it produces a growling and deep voice.[4][19]

Crownrend allows the wielder to be resistant to fire and becoming immune if the wielder has fire resistance beforehand.[4][20]

The wielder can cause Crownrend to extend a powerful claw when performing an unarmed strike.[4]

Though not stated in the statistics that Mark Hulmes revealed on his Twitter account, Crownrend can prevent the wielder to escape from any situation should the wielder be on low health. Instead, Crownrend will urge the wielder to stand fir and fight to the death.[21]

Crownrend can become a powerful weapon should the wielder activates it. In doing so, Crownrend feeds on the wielder's life force to transform into two known forms of Crownrend's transformation stage.[8]

The first form allows Crownrend to spread like liquid metal to cover the wielder's entire arm and upper shoulder, wreathing it in flames.[4] Crownrend's claw in this form will be more accurate, can potentially cause more damage and may push or pull the target away from its spot. This form also enhances the wielder's armour temporarily if he or she is not wielding a shield and not holding another weapon. However, this form can only be used for a short period of time before deactivating. Extending its use is only possible if the wielder have the constitution to do so. Once deactivated, Crownrend will return back into its original state and the wielder will become exhausted.

The following are instances when Jiǔtóu activates Crownrend to transform it into the first form:

  • Session 22: activated during the 1346 Grimfang Keep coup d'état. Jiǔtóu punched a hole where Queen Sharisa's heart is and severely wounded Fandrel.
  • Session 25 and 26: activated during the ruined watchtower ambush against members of the Broken Sky. Crownrend consumes Varesh's heart, injures the young green dragon Irathax and materialises a fire whip to restrain a bronze griffin.
  • Session 27: activated during the second encounter of Dimitriv's revenant. Jiǔtóu uses it to free Cam from the revenant's grip.
  • Session 28: activated during the third encounter of Dimitriv's revenant. Killed a nightmare and Crownrend absorbs its heart.
  • Session 32: activated during the rescue mission in Melody. Killed the leader leading the hobgoblin operations in Hallow. Also injures the manticore.
  • Session 34: activated during the Battle of Hallow. Jiǔtóu uses it to force Dulgrim to shoot himself.
  • Session 36: activated it during the confrontation against King Alfadon and Queen Shalana, both who had become winter werewolves. Nearly killed Queen Shalana by resisting the urging from Crownrend.
  • Session 36: activated during the confrontation against King Selandris and Queen Malisendal. She severely wounds Selandris with it and whips Sylval off the top platform of the Spire with a materialised flaming whip.

Crownrend's second form of transformation is currently not known, though it is suggested during the 2016 Christmas Special episode that it can become a full body suit with wings, allowing the wielder to fly.[8]

Doss LuteEdit

Jiǔtóu obtains a doss lute in Session 19 during the adventurers' exploration of the Temple of Tharizdun. The doss lute is one of the Instruments of the Bards, so it is capable of allowing the owner to cast the following spells once per day each: Animal Friendship, Fly, Invisibility, Levitate, Protection from Evil and Good, Protection from Fire Energy and Protection from Poison.[22]

Although Jiǔtóu is attuned to the doss lute, according to the Player's Handbook, only bards can be attuned to such instruments. Dungeon Master Mark Hulmes is made known to this error after several viewers point out the mistake. Yet, Mark allows Jiǔtóu to keep the doss lute, reasoning that it would be a waste since none of the adventurers are bards.[23]


Kim as Jiutou

Kim wearing a replica of Jiǔtóu's horns.

  • Kim's character Jiǔtóu is inspired by the same-named character featured within the famed classic Chinese novel Investiture of the Gods.[24]
  • At DigitalityX 2016, cosplayer and YouTuber N1njaG1rl cosplayed as Jiǔtóu, a costume that she worked on for several months. She won first place for her performance, which can be viewed here.[25][26]
  • In one of Kim's gifts, she receives a silicon replica of Jiǔtóu's horns made by one of her fans. Katie encourages her to wear the headwear in one of the High Rollers D&D livestreams, given that she too will wear the Moon circlet made by one of her fans. Both of them wear their respective items in Session 21.[27][28]


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