Lewis : "And you've named that one... John Rambo."
Simon: "Because it's a ram!

John Rambo is one of Simon's pet sheep in the MoonQuest series. He first appeared in the episode Minecraft Galacticraft - MoonQuest Episode 9 - John Rambo.  

John Rambo was lost a few episodes after he was introduced, as he tended to wander into the mines beneath Baked Bean Fort. His whereabouts throughout the course of the rest of the series remains unclear.


In Minecraft Galacticraft - Jaffaquest Episode 106 - A New Deed, while Lewis and Duncan were busy, a message in chat notified them that John Rambo was shot by a skeleton. They were shocked to learn of his fate after forgetting about him for so long and started to discuss what adventures he might have been on during the series.


  • John Rambo is viewed as an intelligent sheep, as it can find it's way out of mine shafts.

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