Verigan's Map is the map supposedly written by Karpath Antioch, showing the path he and Verigan Antioch, took into the Desert at the end of The Sand War. It presumably originally hung from the Map Wall in Verigan's Hold. The map was, in fact, written by Verigan, as he referred to it as his map when he contacted our heroes. It also seems to be magic, as when they gained two pieces of the map, Verigan showed them a vision of the future.

At some point, the map was lost, and by the time of our heroes, it had been broken into four map fragments scattered across Minecraftia.

The first fragment of the map was discovered by Xephos and Honeydew, when they took it from the undead Reverend John in the Crumbling Ruins of Mistral City. At the time, they did not know what it was, identifying it only as a piece of paper. In episode 15, they showed the paper to Knight Peculier, who identified it as a fragment of a map. He stated that the writing seemed familiar, but he was unable to understand the map, and suggested they consult his uncle, Templar Adaephon, in Verigan's Hold.

At the hold, Adaephon recognized the fragment was indeed a part of Karpath's map, though it was barely a quarter of it. He deduced, somewhat abjectly, that the map must have been split into four separate fragments, and urged our heroes to find the other three fragments. When asked where to find these fragments, Adaephon offered no answer, suggesting only to "seek those older, and wiser than me."

A discussion followed, speculating who might fit this description. Adaephon offered several names, but Knight Peculier noted that these acquaintances were most likely all dead by now. Our heroes suggested that the old wizard, Fumblemore, might be of use. Adaephon initially scoffed at this suggestion, but upon hearing of Fumblemore's earlier assistance (and having no other useful advice), he begrudgingly endorsed this plan. As our heroes departed to seek Fumblemore's advice, Adaephon offered one last piece of cryptic advice: to "seek someone in tune with the magical power of the map."

In episode 18 of Shadow of Israphel, it is revealed by Swampy Bogbeard that one piece of the map is surrounded by cutlass and cannon, which turned out to mean BBQ Bay, another in the hands of a Skylord, which was later revealed to be in the Turtle God near the Skyhold, another buried deep below the bedrock with beards, which was in Stoneholm, at the time.

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