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Minthor Antioch


The Peculier House (formerly)


Karpath Peculier (husband)
Verigan Antioch (father-in-law)
Knight Peculier (son)
Isabel Peculier (daughter)


Presumed dead

Karpath's wife (a.k.a Jane Doe Peculier or Minthor Peculier) is the as yet unseen wife of Karpath Antioch, and is the mother of Knight Peculier and Isabel Peculier. Her first name is as yet unknown, so in some areas she is referred to as 'Jane Doe' Peculier. She was kidnapped by Israphel from their home in The Peculier House, prompting Karpath's hunt of Israphel, as well as him sending his children to be raised elsewhere (due to a note in Verigan's Hold, it seems the children were in the care of Granny Bacon for some time and then sent to Templar Adaephon). It is unknown what happened to her, but it is likely she is dead, either by Israphel's hands or by age, since so much time has passed since her kidnapping.
Minthor Peculier's Grave in Minstral City

On the right, Minthor's grave is pictured in Mistral City

In Episode 35 (specially played at MineCon), a scene of Karpath putting flowers at one of the graves in Mistral City named: "Minthor: A feisty little minx." This was done as he talked of his father losing someone he loved. The grave may indicate that she is dead. However, this may have been done after she was kidnapped. She may still be alive, but simply presumed to be dead.

Theories to "Jane Doe's" identity include:

  • Minthor
  • Some currently un-named character

Character PopularityEdit

In a poll that was held from January to February 2013 on this wiki with all Season 3 characters to choose from, Karpath's wife was placed equal 28th overall with 3 votes out of 4412 votes.


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