King Finbar was once king of the dwarven city of Stoneholm. He and Kormag Darkforge were then tainted by the Cult of Israphel, turned many dwarves into zombies using Israphel's power, and then built a Hellgate. The king seemed to gain power from this, and transferred it into the Hellgate. One of the dwarven victims was Rory Rockhammer, the nephew of recurring character Spacker LeChuck. Parts of Israphel are maybe in the body of King Finbar because our heroes saw Finbar turn into Israphel when Rory turned into a zombie. In Minecraft - "Shadow of Israphel" Part 32: Beer and Lava, Moira Magmabloom said that King Finbar turned sick and died, possibly caused by Israphel. She explained that a great sickness took hold of Stoneholm, killing off dwarves slowly at first. King Finbar fell victim to this sickness, but unlike the other dwarves he rose from the dead, and gained strange powers in doing so, which he used to enslave his people, turning them into zombies. He also attacked and disabled the power reinforcing The Wall that came from the C.H.L.O.E..

He was later spotted at the end of the tracks leading from the Deepcore Ruins, standing on the C.H.L.O.E. and shooting fireballs down on Xephos, Honeydew, and Verigan Antioch II.

During "Shadow of Israphel" Part 34: The Spire, he continued attacking the heroes with fireballs until Honeydew shot him and he fled into a Hellgate located on the top of the C.H.L.O.E.. When our heroes entered the portal, Finbar was standing in front of a screen shaped like a creeper face. Finbar told our heroes how they were too late, that he's started to unseal the "Dark God" of The Sands and how they were planning to sacrifice Daisy Duke to it. In rage, Verigan struck him down. Finbar's plans were not entirely successful, as there were still 3 days left until the Dark God rose.





Abilities & PowersEdit


  • Kormag Darkforge's armour is almost identical to King Finbar's, although the buckles on his bracers and belt are darker and more bronze-coloured, opposed to the King's golden buckles.


Character PopularityEdit

In a poll that was held from January to February 2013 on this wiki with all Shadow of Israphel characters to choose from, King Finbar was placed equal 29th overall with 2 votes out of 4412 votes.



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