Kona, taking place in the 1970s Northern Canada, is a surreal interactive tale that tells the story of Carl Faubert, a private detective who finds himself trapped in a powerful and mysterious snowstorm. The game is released on March 17, 2017, following a beta release about a year prior.

In Yogiverse Edit

  • Hannah has finished her playthrough of the Early Access game, and has expressed interest in returning upon full release. 
  • Sips started a gameplay of the full version beginning May 12, 2017.

Episode GuideEdit

Hannah — Kona
Video Name Table yt
Kona GAMEPLAY - "Shaboo-gah-moo" Watch
Kona GAMEPLAY #2 - Doctor Beaupre Watch
Kona GAMEPLAY #3 - Bad Jujuberries Watch
Kona GAMEPLAY #4 - Dances with Wolves Watch
Sips — Kona
Video Name Table yt
Kona - Getting Down to Business - PART #1 Watch
Kona - Playing Spy - PART #2 Watch
Kona - The Wrong Bridge - PART #3 Watch
Kona - Le Monstre - PART #4 Watch
Kona - Visions of the Frozen - PART #5 Watch
Kona - Crooks, Murderers and Wives - PART #6 Watch
Kona - Roy's Dark Fantasies - PART #7 Watch
Kona - The Caribou Trade - PART #8 Watch
Kona - Little Green Men - PART #9 Watch
Kona - The Ice Caves - PART #10 Watch
Kona - The TNT Plot - PART #11 Watch
Kona - Fumbling in the Dark - PART #12 Watch
Kona - Building Better Transport - PART #13 Watch

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