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Korea is a playable civilization in DLC for Civilization V.


During the Yogscast Civilization Christmas Livestream, Rythian played as Korea.

When the game started Rythian spawned by Sjin who was playing as the Shoshone. As the game progressed Rythian was constantly stopped from expanding his empire by Sjin who looked for every excuse to weaken Rythian. The conflict between the two eventually escalated to war, where both sides continued to fight in till Sjin took Divine Calling and Rythian began to feel he is irrelevant and tried to quit the game.

Series 7 - DuncanEdit



  • Light of Heaven (Capital)
  • Divine Calling (Taken by the Shoshone, razed)
  • Batman Smells (former Shoshone city, taken by Korea)


  • Samsung (Capital, formerly Seoul)
  • Hyundai
  • L.G
  • Seoul
  • The Strip (Lewis' capital)
  • Hollywood (Lewis' city)
  • Brazilian (Lewis' city)

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