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Duncan Jones (a.k.a. Lalna, or LividCoffee) is the almighty god of art for the Yogscast.


Duncan plays Knight Peculier, Fumblemore, Swampy, and probably more characters in Shadow of Israphel.

He also plays a lot of Tekkit, and on his YouTube channel, he has a series of it, where he fought with Sjin, which ended up exploding the entire world.

Duncan is also credited with building most of Mistral City and Stoneholm.

He is also one of the most popular and liked members of the Yogscast.

Duncan is well known for his expansive collection of companion pets in World of Warcraft. On the final day of the Yogscast Christmas Calender 2010, Lewis, Hannah, Simon and Duncan were giving each other presents in WoW in a dwarves building in the twilight highlands, and Lewis has to worry if Duncan already has the present Lewis is giving him as it was a companion pet. However, Lewis' present turned out to be one of the only pets in the game Duncan didn't own.

Duncan has made several appearances with the Yogscast while they went to Minecon America. He also did a Minecraft Tekkit series. Then again with Lewis Brindley and Simon Lane's tekkit series, because neither Simon nor Lewis had ever played Tekkit before and so didn't know what to do.

It was revealed in Hack/Mine Mod Part 1 that Duncan plays Fumblemore in the Shadow of Israphael series.

Duncan has a degree in art, as mentioned in part 19 of the Tekkit series in which the Yogscast create rival companies.

He set fire to Sjin's house in Duncan's Tekkit series due to Sjin stealing his supplies and using a crafty contraption of pipes and machinary; though it turned out to be a decoy building. This started a friendly feud between the two.

This fued developed into all out war as Duncan and sjin both destroyed the Tekkit server in Duncan's Tekkit series while they were fighting and both their houses were destroyed. Sjin's by two nukes and Duncan's by a nuclear meltdown, which appeared to have ended Duncan's tekkit series. Duncan is currently playng on a new tekkit server, hired by Honeydew Inc. in a Tekkit series to build a Jaffa Cake Factory for Honeydew. He later restarted his whole tekkit series alongside to this using funds allocated from Honeydew enterprise to establish a Red Powered Research Centre.

Duncan was last seen visiting his Outhouse, just before two nukes (and sips) were dropped onto it. Possibly due to the fact that Duncan's Lemonade Stall was not actually selling Lemonade. The pipes for the lemonade led to his outhouse.


  • "I'm like fucking Aragorn!"
  • "Diamonds? Fuck yeah!"
  • "Uhmm... yeah why not."
  • "Noo! Lewis! Come back, come back. Its ok" (When Simon goes mad with power.)
  • "Sips is evil!"
  • "Oh dear..."
  • "Oh god, why?"
  • So.....let's make em.........
  • "yeah............."
  • "You can never have enough coal."
  • "I've made an awful lot of it!" (When condensing glass)
  • "Oh, FUUUCK! I fell off!"
  • Yeah, I'm coming, I CAN'T GET OUT OF THE FUCKING WATER! (Crown Conquest part 3)


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