Lalna is a character from Sips and Sjin's Ninjas series based on fellow Yogscast member Duncan's Minecraft character.


Lalna's early history is unknown, but it has been revealed he is a mad scientist. Lalna first appeared at the Jade Dragon Tournament as a contestant. It was stated his special attack was his mental superiority.

His first match was against the wizard Rythian. Duncan pulled out a laser gun during the fight and fired it at Rythian who managed to shield himself from the blast with magic. Lalna was then shot in the head by what appeared to be a green dinosaur with a gun (Teep) in the audience, which killed Lalna, instantly leaving Rythian as the victor.

Abilities and WeaponsEdit

  • It was stated that Lalna is a mad scientist and is able to make highly sophisticated machinery.
  • Lalna's main weapon appeared to be a laser gun that he used against Rythian in their match, however it is unknown how strong it was since he was killed when he and Rythian appeared to be at a stalemate.


  • The character is based on Duncan's Minecraft character from his Tekkit series.

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