Layers of Fear is a psychological survival horror game developed by Bloober Team. In the game, the player controls a psychologically disturbed painter trying to complete his magnum opus, as he navigates through a Victorian mansion, with disturbing secrets about the painter being discovered. The gameplay, presented in first person perspective, is heavily story driven and revolves mostly around puzzle-solving and exploration, as the game intensifies after each level while jump scares occur often.

In Yogiverse Edit

Episode GuideEdit

YOGSCAST Hannah — Layers of Fear
Video Name Table yt
Layers of Fear #1 - Through The Keyhole Watch
Layers of Fear #2 - Artiste Watch
Layers of Fear #3 - Canvas Watch
Layers of Fear #4 - Music of the Night Watch
Layers of Fear #5 - Telephone Watch
Layers of Fear #6 - The Dolls Watch
Layers of Fear #7 - Follow the Rat Watch
Layers of Fear #8 - Finding the Finger Watch
Layers of Fear #9 - Swimming Watch
Observer #9 - Just Like Layers of Fear Watch
YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon — Layers of Fear
Video Name Table yt
Creepy O`Clock - Layers Of Fear Watch

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