The Lombucket Secret Bunker is a bunker hidden underneath Owl Island in which Lombucket Industries will conduct secret experiments for the benefit of the owls.


The Lombucket Secret Bunker appeared in Hannah Plays! - Tekkit - 1. Owl Island Warehouse where she found a space and developed the bunker. In the next episode, she had built the Lom's Fishing Shack over the bunker to act as a secret entrance into the bunker while also adding a staircase.

In another episode, Hannah showed that she had placed the glowstone into the floor and converted her machine system to run on solar power supplied by a system of batboxes she created. In episode six, she built overclockers and installed them into her machines.

In episode seven however, Hannah discovered that her overclockers were taking too much power and deemed to redesign her powering system. In doing so, Hannah replaced her batbox powering system with a system composed of MFEs. She also added a diamond pipe sorting system.

Layout and DesignEdit

The bunker is a vast room, having been built in a quarry. Much of the central space is unused since what few machines are housed in the bunker are relatively small and are placed up against the walls. White pillars break up the dark grey walls, with glowstone blocks inserted in the pillars and the floor to provide light. Several chests and tall tanks of lava also occupy some of the wall space. A staircase in one corner leads to the exit.



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