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Driftwood Island


Xephos and Honeydew


Canine companion

First Appearance

Paladins Quest 2: A Whole New World!

Last Appearance

Paladins Quest 2: Angry Spiders!

Weapon of choice

Fangs, paws

Current status

Alive and following Honeydew & Xephos

Magical powers and abilities

Master of time, space and teleportation, abnormal amount of health and damage, absorbs explosions with his dog like powers.


Honeydew standing next to Lucas

"Oooh there's a dog over there" - Lewis upon seeing Lucas.

Lucas (a.k.a Lucozade), is a tamed Gray wolf, which are a species of canid which are native to the wilderness and remote areas of North America, Eurasia and North Africa. Lucas was the dog of Simon and Lewis during their Paladins Quest 2 series. Lucas seems to be a competent fighter, managing to fight Creepers unlike normal wolves and other mobs. He also manages to find many things that both Simon and Lewis manage to miss, gaining their attention by barking.

Upon discovering Lucas in the snowy, tall-treed area of Driftwood Island; Honeydew tamed him with some bones, which, after being tamed, became a puppy. Later on in the wizards' tower, Lucas barks towards the correct staircase, which is an example of him managing to find things that Simon and Lewis do not.

Much later on in the series Lucas is shown to have typed Arf! into chat, this is obvious evidence that it is infact a server plugin to change the name and mob of a character, when Lewis see's Lucas walking into a wall it is shown that he is trying to draw their attention to the hidden lever behind a water fall, he is also shown to be able to sprint and climb up vines, Lucas can also teleported by Xephos.


Lucas is a slender grey wolf, powerfully built animal. He is shown to have a dark grey coat of fur with a white face and legs. As a result of being a puppy, he has an abnormally large head.


  • Simon points out that even though he was the one to tame Lucas, he seems to be following Lewis.
  • It is rumoured that Lucas is actually a player but in the form of a puppy because of his human like nature.
  • Lucas is the second dog that has been named by Simon, the other being Wolfenstein from the 1.4 Update.

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