Mark Hulmes is the community manager for the Yogscast since 14 September 2015, succeeding Tom Perkins after he left the company on good terms.[1][2]

Role-Playing GamesEdit

Mark Hulmes is known to enjoy role-playing games, particularly tabletop role-playing game (RPG), such as Dungeons & Dragons, and LARP.[3][4]

Being a fan of Dungeons & Dragons, Mark regularly participates in D&D campaigns in his own time with his friends and colleagues. He is known to be friends of Chris Perkins and Matthew Mercer, in which both are dungeon masters of their own D&D series.[5][6]

High Rollers D&DEdit

Mark is the dungeon master for High Rollers D&D, a Dungeons & Dragons series as part of Yogscast's Twitch Livestreams. He designed the custom world of Arrak for the Lightfall campaign and added several of his own homebrew rules, such as Lightborn and the character's resurrection, to enhance the game for streaming. He voice-acts all his NPCs and both builds and draws maps to help with player immersion.

Tabletop WeeklyEdit

Tabletop Weekly is a YouTube channel dedicated to tabletop RPG, focusing on the latest news of the genre, guides, reviews, unboxing videos and Let's Plays. Created on 26 November 2016, the channel is a project by Mark Hulmes and is part of the Yogscast network.[7][8]

Voice Acting & Imitation (Work in progress) Edit

Mark can imitate a large number of characters including:

  • C-3PO
  • Christopher Walken
  • Gollum / Smeagol
  • Mark Turpin (Unnaturally accurately)
  • Strong Bad
  • Rick (Rick & Morty)


  • Mark Hulmes has been a community manager for previous companies for 8 years, covering the MMORPGs RuneScape, WildStar and Blade & Soul. In London, he spent a year working as an actor and voice artist (a sample of Mark's voice acting talents can be heard on his SoundCloud). He also met the people behind PlayStation Access.[3]
  • Mark moved into Bristol from London on September 7 to more easily work at YogTowers.
  • Mark is sharing his flat with Nina-Serena, an artist at YogTowers, they have been together over 6 years now.
  • Mark enjoys playing Civilization.[3]
  • As well as sharing names, it is noted that Mark sounds similar to Mark Turpin, earning him the nickname "Turps 2.0". This has been referenced several times, with Mark even doing impressions of Turps on occasion, and the pair singing a duet during the 2015 Yogscast Jingle Jam karaoke livestreams. CaffCast was added to this pairing as "Turps 3.0" when he joined the Yogscast, since he also looks similar to Mark Hulmes.
  • Together with Nina-Serena, Mark Hulmes used to upkeep a weekly web-comic named LeLattè.
  • Mark shared that he is a fan of My Little Pony.[9]

Notable QuotesEdit

  • "Consequences!"




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