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Mayan is a playable civilization in the Gods & Kings expansion pack for Civilization V.

Season 6Edit

Mayan was the civilization chosen by Hannah. Hannah spawned on a peninsula and was soon discovered by Zoey , who was playing as Russia . Hannah suffered from a hit early on when she lost the Great Library wonder to Sjin. Hannah and Zoey appear to be on a completely separate continent from the rest of the players.

Upon the founding of Risa near various fruits and horses, Zoey declared the horses to be hers, and decided to attack the Mayans. Quickly losing Risa to the Russians, Hannah was forced to move her forces to her capital, where her pikemen barely hold out against the waves of Russian horsemen and catapults, leading to a standoff along the Russian/Mayan border. Zoey's technological disadvantage caused Hannah to disregard her for a long time, forcing the two to sign a temporary peace deal.

Hannah, being allied wth Lewis at the time, voted in favor of the embargo on Sjin in the World Congress. Out of anger, Sjin declared war on Hannah, and took Risa from her. After a bit of discussion, Hannah decided to betray Lewis in order to get Sjin to return Risa. The two became allies, and Hannah officially defected from her alliance with Lewis.


  • Terok Nor (Capital, formerly Palenque)
  • Risa (first name was Tikal, then Painhurt under Russian rule; taken by Russia and renamed; later recaptured and re-renamed)
  • Bajor (formerly Chichen Itza)
  • The Wormhole (first Uxmal, then Risa, taken by Spain, later returned to the Maya. Not to be confused with the Risa taken by Zoey)
  • Gamma Quadrant (formerly Tulum)

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