Memory Lane was a series posted on Martyn's YouTube Channel in which he revisited an old game, usually from his past.

He has checked out games ranging from Pokémon to old PlayStation 2 games and even Gameboy Colour games. He also checked out games from his childhood, such as RuneScape. On occasion, Martyn has had guests feature in these videos, such as Sparkles*.

The series ended abruptly in February 2013 after the second episode of Runescape and no other episodes have been uploaded since.

Episode GuideEdit

Martyn — Memory Lane
Video Name Table yt
Memory Lane - Jet Set Radio Future Watch
Memory Lane - Sonic Heroes (w/ Facecam) Watch
Memory Lane - Crash Team Racing Watch
Memory Lane - Croc 2 Watch
Memory Lane - TerraWorld Online Watch
Memory Lane - Little Big Adventure 2 Watch
Memory Lane - Captain Forever (FREE In Browser) Watch
Memory Lane - James Pond 2 (Codename Robocod) Watch
Memory Lane - WWE Smackdown : Here Comes The Pain Watch
Memory Lane - Tomba! Watch
Memory Lane - Megaman Battle Network (GBA) Watch
Memory Lane - Runescape w/ Sparkles* (Part 1) Watch
Memory Lane - Runescape w/ Sparkles* (Part 2) Watch

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