Mickey is a Questing Ram from the Twilight Forest.


He appears in BebopVox, Ridgedog, and VerbalProcessing's series, Modded Madness, on the Yogscast Complete server. He is the current bartender of VoxHQ. He is later kidnapped by KirinDave as a prank in his series "Minecraft The Hard Way."

Later, BebopVox, Ridgedog, and VerbalProcessing raid PaprikaSu and KirinDave's base, hoping to find Mickey. Dave shows up and takes Mickey in his golden lasso, and kills Ridge and Verbal with voodoo poppets. He later kills Bebop while he drinks sake. Su then pranks Bebop by building a statue of Mickey made out of netherrack, burning on a BBQ.

KirinDave later gifts the stolen ram to the Flux Buddies, Kim and Duncan, where he lived with Sir Ramselot and Patrick Stewart for the best part of the series.

During episode 133 of the Flux Buddies, Duncan turned on a force field and cuts Mickey in half.


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