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The subject of much of the Yogscast's content has been Minecraft. Initially, Lewis and Simon's coverage of Minecraft appeared to take the form of a traditional Let's Play, although, after a series of unusual happenings, it evolved into a partially improvised comedy drama. The Yogscast then expanded to produce video coverage of Minecraft updates, and shorter series' consisting of Simon and Lewis taking on custom "challenge" maps. Thus, they have started the Minecraft Series. Their main feature for the past few months has been to play Tekkit in which Simon, Lewis, Duncan, Sips, and Sjin worked on a Jaffa cake factory (Yogcraft-Feed the Beast) on a server with many other members of the Yogscast as well as doing mod experiments in YogLabs.

For more information on Minecraftia's complete history, click here.

WARNING: The following article contains SPOILERS! If you have not watched the entire series, and do not wish to be informed of important plot events, please finish watching before you scroll any further.

Shadow of Israphel SagaEdit

The bulk of the Minecraft series is composed of a semi-improvised comedy drama, where Lewis and Simon play the parts of Xephos, a heroic 'Spaceman', and Honeydew, a mighty dwarf, respectively. The series is set in the fictional land of Minecraftia, where Xephos and Honeydew encounter a range of colourful characters, and, by virtue of their talent and skill (and arguably a succession of lucky flukes), become worshipped as mighty heroes by the citizens of the land. Although originally simply trying to survive and thrive in Minecraftia, Xephos and Honeydew quickly find themselves thrown into battle against an ancient evil, Israphel, and by Season 3, are engaged in a full-scale war against Israphel and his Cult of weirdos. The Israphel Saga can be divided into three Seasons:

Season 1Edit

Xephos and Honeydew arrive in the mysterious lands of Minecraftia; after an uncomfortable first night, the pair begin to establish a base, the Yogcave, and set about on a series of misadventures exploring and mining the lands around the Yogcave, even building a (non-functional) Hellgate. Shortly after they happen across a variety of strange, man-made structures, Xephos and Honeydew are attacked in the night by a shadowy figure by the name of Israphel; chasing him, they encounter the town of Terrorvale.

After arriving in Terrorvale, Xephos and Honeydew begin to perform tasks for the inhabitants of the town, Old Peculier, Daisy Duke and Reverend John. They soon find that Daisy has been kidnapped, and that Reverend John is an agent of an unnamed Dark Lord, assumed to be Israphel. Killing the Reverend, the two heroes then set out to save Daisy, aided by Old Peculier, and discover that Israphel has taken Daisy to a fortress he has built underneath Terrorvale. Xephos, Honeydew and Peculier fight their way through the fortress, defeating Creeper Boss and Zombie Boss, but Israphel flees with the captive Daisy before they can approach him. Giving chase, Xephos and Honeydew follow Israphel back to the Hellgate they built, but are unable to chase him through it because Israphel teleports them to a strange island.

Season 2: Survival IslandEdit

Right when Xephos and Honeydew are about to enter the portal, Israphel teleports them to Survival Island, an island most likely located off the coast of Minecraftia, with extremely limited resources. (Old Peculier was most likely teleported to or near Mistral City. They attempt to scrape out a meager living, even having to conserve dirt, and find strange treasures, traps and challenges hidden underneath the island. After sighting a mysterious flying object in the sky, the pair construct a simple, illuminated 'help!' sign. A few days later, they surface from an underground excursion to find that the object they had seen was an airship, piloted by Skylord Lysander, who is accompanied by Old Peculier. Old Peculier informs the heroes that they must return to Minecraftia, in order to defeat the evil they had encountered in Season 1. Xephos and Honeydew board the airship, and leave Survival Island to return and live in the peaceful home land of Minecraftia.

Season 3: Shadow of IsraphelEdit

Season 3 encompasses the heroes' efforts to stop Israphel and rescue the captured Daisy, with the help of old friends such as Knight Peculier (presumed deceased ) and Skylord Lysander, and new ones like Father Braeburn, Templar Adaephon, Isabel Peculier, and many others. The heroes also slowly unlock the mysteries of the past, discovering the Sand Wars, the story of Verigan and Karpath, Knight Peculier's past, and the origins of Israphel and the Evil beneath the Sands. As they slowly piece together the mystery of the Sands, they venture all across Minecraftia, to places such as Mistral City, Verigans Hold, BBQ Bay, The Skyhold, Stoneholm and into the Desert. The series is still going on, and, with Knight Peculier (presumably) dead, the heroes must find their way through the perilous Desert to stop Israphel's evil plot and, of course, save Daisy Duke.

Sips and Sjin's Minecraft seriesEdit

A series made by Sips and Sjin with a less dramatic story than SoI, where they play "vanilla" Hardcore Minecraft.

Season 1Edit

Season 1 episode list

Sips and Sjin arrive in Mootopia where they build a company from the ground up and must protect themselves from the nefarious Beaver Mafia of Beaver Dale.

Season 2Edit

Sips and Sjin have to pick up the pieces after the Beaver Mafia's attack. They must prepare themselves to rescue their faithful sheep Guy and avenge their fallen friends.

Season 3Edit

Sips and Sjin find themselves in a whole new world away from Fort Crappington and must figure out how to survive the wilderness.


The Tekkit series is the other major Minecraft series. It began as various Let's Play/Custom Map/Mod series on different channels but quickly turned into corporate warfare, mostly between Sjips Co. and Honeydew Inc. but with other companies and organisations taking part as well. Nearly all Yogscast members produce Tekkit videos.


The Tekkit series was changed into a hybrid of Tekkit and Feed The Beast that is usually called Yogcraft.


The Voltz series is a mod pack played by Lewis, Simon, Duncan, Sjin, Sips, and Ridgedog while the Tekkit server was down. Currently, the Voltz series are on a hold and may/may not continue in the future.


The MoonQuest series is a mod pack played by Lewis, Simon, Duncan, Sjin, Sips, and Ridgedog, where they attempt to get to the moon and set up a base.

Yogscast Complete PackEdit

Yogscast Complete Pack is a modpack that contains many mods. It has anything from magic and spells to technology and pipes. It is heavily based off of the Resonant Rise modpack, and is even put together by the team who put together Resonant Rise. The Yogscast currently have a multiplayer server for this modpack, much like their previous Tekkit and YogCraft server, that features current series like Hole Diggers. It contains mods such as Buildcraft, Chocolate Quest, Thaumcraft, Ars Magica, the Morph Mod, and many more.

Custom/Adventure MapsEdit

Simon and Lewis often slotted in custom/adventure maps to play in between the main storyline. They are short minor story-lines that they use for entertainment as the main storyline is in making. There are currently 159 custom and adventure map episodes (as of the 6th October 2012). Many Yognau(gh)ts upload their custom maps to the Yogscast Forum, Lewis or Simon then picks one at random for them to play.

Nilesy and Sjin have started their own custom map series, Diamonds In The Rough, where they play badly reviewed custom maps and see if the maps are good or not.

Minecraft ModsEdit

Lewis and Simon have been known to test Mods that they might use in SoI. They have also tested some for their YogBox mod pack.

Recently they changed their Mod showcase into a series called YogLabs.


The Yogscast Minecraft series is semi-improvised, with friends of Lewis and Simon taking on the roles of the various characters in the series. It is currently unknown how many people from this group of characters are 'NPCs', or who they are made up of. This group builds and designs most of the maps and structures in the Israphel Saga, although Lewis stated in a Nordrassil Radio interview that he had built one of Mistral City's airships. He did not reveal how much input Simon and himself have in the building process. In the same interview, Lewis and Simon revealed that they had very little knowledge of the plot or direction that the series is going to take. In this way, the NPCs act as 'Dungeon Masters' for the series, giving Lewis and Simon tasks and quests to drive the plot forwards. Lewis and Simon communicate with each other through voice chat, which provides the series' commentary, but can only communicate with NPCs using the in-game chat function, and vice versa. It is quite possible, however still unknown whether or not the NPC group also uses a similar method of out-of-game communication to co-ordinate their actions. In the same fashion, there is a possibility that the NPCs listen to Simon and Lewis' voice chat. The NPCs would do this in order to steer them back to the right track if they are about to do something which would ruin the plot somehow. For example, while Lysander was locked up, Simon suggested that they just “Blow the hinges off of this,” with TNT, instead of getting the key, to which Lysander immediately replied “NO!!!!!!!!”.





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Minecraftia is the land that our heros' story takes place. There are many locations that they come across throughout the episodes.

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