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Main CharactersEdit

Honeydew (Simon)

Main Article: Honeydew
Israphel Overlook

Some of the Minecraft Series Main Characters

Honeydew is one of the two main heroes, having appeared in every episode of all three minecraft series. Controlled by his puppeteer Simon Lane, Honeydew has the appearance of a Khaz Modan dwarf, with a large and distinctive ginger beard. Preferring to use weapons like Flint and Steel and TNT as opposed to the more conventional sword, Honeydew is often portrayed as the more foolish of the Yogscast duo, preferring to rush into battle rather than think first. He has had three love interests throughout the series, the first two of which had unfortunate ends.

Xephos (Lewis)

Main Article: Xephos

Xephos is the companion and narrator of the Minecraft Series. He generally has the personality of his puppeteer, Lewis Brindley, and has the outward appearance of Commander William T. Riker from Star Trek: The Next Generation. The series is filmed from Xephos' point of view, save for the cutscenes, which makes him appear only rarely on camera. He is largely portrayed as the more cautious and wiser of the duo, although is still not above blowing things up rather than solving them.

Old/Knight Peculier (Lalna)

Main Article: Knight Peculier

Knight Peculier (formerly known as Old Peculier) was originally a knight from Mistral City, who retired to Terrorvale and became the innkeeper of the Skeletal Arms. He is the main protagonist other than Honeydew and Xephos, and is determined to follow in his father's footsteps and save Daisy Duke, who he is in love with. Due to The Taint of Israphel, he aged unnaturally quickly after arriving in Terrorvale, but was restored to his proper age after finding his father's note and consuming one of Fumblemore's potions. Unfortunately, he was (supposedly) killed within the depths of the metallic Hand structure when the minecart he was traveling on went off the tracks and into the radioactive fluid below.


Israphel (Sjin)

Main Article: Israphel

The Minecraft Series Villian - Israphel

Israphel is the main antagonist of the Minecraft series. He is noticeable for his pale, ghost-like skin, large bent nose, glowing red eyes, and is known for his mysterious antics. He's known to be a bit of a voyeur and a puppet master of sorts, preferring to work his evil from "the shadows" while keeping a keen eye on Xephos and Honeydew. Throughout the series, his name can be seen in the backgrounds of videos. Although he started out as a small annoyance and a mysterious menace, he has now become something of a grand evil, responsible so far for many horrific acts. He is the leader of the Cult of Israphel.

Zombie Boss

Main Article: Zombie Boss

Zombie Boss, likely the leader of the Zombies, He has been brought back twice to assist Israphel as his right-hand man/Minion and carries many axes. He is a pale green with an arched back, He is rather slow and never carries better than a stone axe. He first fought the heroes at Israphel's Castle, and later at The Wall during The Battle of the Breach.

Creeper Boss

Main Article: Creeper Boss

Creeper Boss is Israphel's other left-hand man, supposedly the leader of the creepers. He seems to be able to create TNT at will, and uses it to create massive explosions. He was originally encountered with the normal mottled green and white skin that all creepers have, but when met in The Desert had brown and white skin, as a sort of desert camouflage. It is unknown if Creeper Boss was created by Israphel or resided alongside him inside the Nether.

Other CharactersEdit


Daisy Duke

Main Article: Daisy Duke

The town of Terrorvale

Daisy Duke was the resident blacksmith of Terrorvale, though originally hailed from Mistral City. She served as a love interest both for Old Peculier and for Honeydew, and Old Peculier at one point declared his intent to propose to her. Before he could, however, she was kidnapped by Israphel and his minions, and possibly taken into the Nether. Her kidnap is the main catalyst for the action of Season 3, although it is unknown if she is still alive.

Reverend John

Main Article: Reverend John

Reverend John was the resident priest of Terrorvale, owning a church called St Creepers there. He was the supposed father of Israphel and apparently lost his son to a creeper attack. Although originally seeming innocent, Reverend John attempted to kill the heroes in the church crypt, but ended up being killed himself. Later, Reverend John was discovered to be alive (or rather, undead) in the Crumbling Ruins, where he was again killed by the heroes, dropping a piece of Karpath's Map.

Mistral CityEdit

Father Braeburn

Main Article: Father Braeburn

A view of Mistral City

Father Braeburn was the priest of the Church of the Holy Apple Record in Mistral City, having devoted his life to serve the great Notch. He was instrumental in the creation of Fumblemore's cure-all potion, exchanging one of the golden apples necessary for a golden record. When Mistral was burned to the ground, Father Braeburn fled to Icaria, but unfourtunately left his beloved golden record behind. Luckily, the heroes were able to rescue it from the flames. He is the grandson of the deceased Granny Bacon.


Main Article: Fumblemore (Lalna)

Fumblemore was an old wizard who resided in his floating tower above Mistral City. Despite being an active participant in the Sand War, Fumblemore's competence (and hearing) has declined with age and he is considered a 'powerful fool' by many of Minecraftia's citizens. It was he who created the potion that cured Old Peculier from the taint of Israphel. When Mistral was burned to the ground, Fumblemore escaped unharmed by teleporting his tower to Icaria, but by a small mistake in the incantation ended up teleporting it upside-down. He is the brother of Swampy Bogbeard. 

Granny Bacon

Main Article: Granny Bacon (Sips)

Granny Bacon was an adventurer-turned-baker who resided in Mistral City. Once one of the many who fought in the Sand War, Granny Bacon was one of the first people that the heroes met upon arriving in Mistral. Honeydew in particular gained a close bond with her, and it is implied that they had a (very) sexual relationship. She later provided one of the two golden apples necessary for Fumblemore's cure-all potion. When Mistral City was destroyed, she was kidnapped by the Cult of Israphel and turned into a zombie. The heroes were eventually forced to kill her. She is survived by her grandson, Father Braeburn.

Mr Astley

Main Article: Mr Astley

Mr Astley was a reformed creeper who resided in Mistral City. Despite being a respectable member of society, Xephos and Honeydew decided that killing him would be an easy way to get the sulfur necessary for Fumblemore's cure-all potion. Unfortunately for Xephos, his attempts to assassinate Astley caused the creeper to experience extreme stress, and as a result of this he exploded, destroying the front portion of his house. Xephos quickly repaired the damage before anyone could see. Many episodes later, they found him in a pure bedrock cell, under Stoneholm.

Skylord Jasper

Main Article: Skylord Jasper (Sips) [Rumoured]

Skylord Jasper was a Skylord that lived in Mistral City. Camp, arrogant and stubborn, Jasper seemed to own many businesses in the area and as a result was the richest man in Mistral. It was his house that the heroes robbed to get the golden record, which they traded with Father Braeburn for one of the ingredients of Fumblemore's potion. When Mistral was destroyed, Jasper fled to his summer home, kidnapping Skylord Lysander, who he suspected was responsible, on the way. Luckily, the heroes later proved Lysander innocent and rescued him from Jasper's grasp (although the skylords left on fairly good terms). It is likely that he and lysander have a sexual relationship.

Skylord Lysander

Main Article: Skylord Lysander (Phatima) [Rumoured]

Skylord Lysander was the Skylord that Old Peculier hired to rescue the heroes from Survival Island. One of the main protagonists of the series, Lysander was the one that led the heroes to Mistral City after his ship crash-landed near the Yogcave, and also provided them access to the upper levels. When Mistral was destroyed, the heroes discovered a shrine to Israphel under Lysander's house and suspected that he might be responsible. Later, when Jock Fireblast was discovered responsible, the heroes freed Lysander from his imprisonment by Skylord Jasper in his retreat. Lysander then led them to Skyhold, where they discovered that the rest of the Skylords were either missing or dead. With their help it was soon discovered that Skylord Vitali was responsible. Lysander is currently at the Skyhold trying to rebuild the Skylords. He is the grandson of the recently deceased Skylord Baako.

Swampy Bogbeard

Main Article: Swampy Bogbeard (Lalna)

Swampy Bogbeard was a druid of Minecraftia. As a practitioner of the druidical arts, he is more attracted to nature magic, and is perfectly at home in the ruins of Mistral City (which he considers a forest). His brother, Fumblemore, is also a wizard, but swampy is far more competent at magic. He was first encountered by the heroes when Madame Nubescu sent them to consult with him about Karpath's Map, and was able to cryptically reveal the last three locations of it.

Carnivale Del BanjoEdit

Madame Nubescu

Main Article: Madame Nubescu (Sjin)
Carnivale de Banjo-1-

The first view of Carnivale Del Banjo

Madame Nubescu is a fortune teller who works in Mr Banjo's carnival. She is presented as having a strong Caribbean smoker's accent with a voice described as dust and sounding "about a hundred years old", despite clearly being a young woman visually. She predicted fortunes for both Xephos and Honeydew when they came to the carnival. Later, when the carnival moved to Skyhold, Skylord Vitali tried to frame her for the deaths of many of the Skylords, despite the fact that she had actually been trying to help Skylord Baako when he was dying. Luckily, the heroes were able to see through this ruse.

Mr Banjo

Main Article: Mr Banjo (Rythian)

Mr Banjo is the owner of the Carnivale Del Banjo. He was first met by the heroes when the carnival was situated just on the other side of Skull Pass. While he is a very cheerful and excitable figure who seems to be in denial that there is any form of evil washed over Minecraftia, he is also very crafty, tricking the heroes into giving him as much money as possible during their time at the carnival. He dresses in many different costumes, including a gorilla suit and a generic bowler hat, but seems to prefer a clown suit that makes him look suspiciously like a serial killer.

Strongman Bruno

Main Article: Strongman Bruno (Phatima) [Rumoured]

Strongman Bruno is a large muscular man who walks around in a small pink set of girly underwear. He currently resides in the Carnivale Del Banjo docked at the Skyhold, and works as a Strongman. He seems quite fond of his abilities and laughs at people who attempt to challenge him calling them "Babbies". When the heroes first met him near Skull Pass, he challenged Honeydew to a contest of breaking blocks which was likely rigged in his favour. In revenge for him supposedly cheating, Honeydew trapped him in a tree. Later on in the Heroes' journey, they find the invisible pick that Bruno used to cheat as well as his pink underwear.

The Crimson Cross/Tale of the SandsEdit

Karpath Antioch

Main Article: Karpath Antioch [Lewis]
500px-Templars group-1-

Some members of The Crimson Cross

Karpath Antioch AKA K. Peculier is the son of Verigan and the founder of The Crimson Cross and The Templars, both formed to protect Minecraftia from the evils of The Desert. During the Sand War, Karpath fought alongside his father against a terrible evil that rose from the Desert 100 years ago. He played a vital role in building the Wall, and when he and his father ventured into the desert for the final battle he was the only one to return. He also supposedly wrote a map that leads to Israphel's fortress. Strangely, he disappeared one month after his return from the battle, never to be seen again. However, it is now known that he was, in fact, also known as K. Peculier, Father of Old Peculier and Isabel Peculier. At an unknown period of time from his disappearance, he was married and raising his children in peace at their home, when his wife was kidnapped (and possibly killed) by Israphel. He sent his children away to the Templars to be raised, and set off after Israphel. It is thought that he later became a Mistral City guard, during which time he helped destroyed the Hellgate built by the Cult of Israphel in the Crumbling Ruins. The last thing we know of him doing is entering the mine under Mistral, where he walked through a Hellgate to try to vanquish Israphel for good, blowing the gate up behind him as he did so.

Pirate Tinman

Main Article: Pirate Tinman

Pirate Tinman is a robot pirate that was one of Verigan's ancient adventurers, and is currently the first mate of Isabel Peculier upon the Black Pimple. He was first seen during the cutscene accompanying the Tale of the Sands as one of Verigan's troupe. The first time he was actually encountered by the heroes, however, was when they found him under Scumbucket Island. The noises they made woke him up from his "sleep" and he assisted them in getting through Grimjaw's maze. It was later revealed that his eye injury was caused whilst defending Isabel from Israphel.

Templar Adaephon

Main Article: Templar Adaephon (Rythian)

Templar Adaephon is the uncle of Knight Peculier and Isabel Peculier. He fought in the Sand War against the Evil Under the Sands, and joined the Templars, founded by Karpath, after the war. He seems to be the last of the Templars, as he is the only person living in Verigan's Hold. He is also the author of The Tale of the Sands. It was he that informed the heroes of Karpath's map, as well as the dangers of the desert.

Verigan Antioch

Main Article: Verigan Antioch (Simon)

Verigan Antioch is a legendary warrior in the history of Minecraftia. Not much is known of Verigan other then that he took part in the Sand Wars alongside his son Karpath. He had a scar over his left eye from an old war wound, and wore a glass eye in its place. Verigan defeated the evil of the Sands, but sacrificed himself in the process. His son Karpath founded the Templars, whose castle, Verigan's Hold, is named for him. Verigan is also Peculier's grandfather, as revealed in Episode 25. He somehow managed to contact Xephos and Honeydew through after they recovered two pieces of Karpath's Map, transporting them to the future and showing what would become of Minecraftia if they were to fail in their quest.

BBQ Bay/Scumbucket IslandEdit

Jock Fireblast

Main Article: Jock Fireblast

BBQ Bay at night

Jock Fireblast was the head pirate in BBQ Bay and was first encountered in part 18 of the Shadow of Israphel series. He led the heroes to Grimjaw's Treasure Hold where he told them that the map fragment that they were searching for was. Isabel Peculier told the heroes that Grimjaw never actually possessed a map fragment, and that Jock was likely to have it. The heroes went to Jock's submersible but were out-smarted by the sly pirate, who forced them into a cave-like feature underneath his submarine by pouring a bucket of lava above them, forcing them to climb the ladder down. Due to the great number of mobs in the cave, Xephos and Honeydew jumped through the nearby Hellgate. When they returned to BBQ Bay later, Jock was attempting to burn the docks down. Xephos dueled him in mortal combat, Jock was defeated by him and exploded into a puddle of blood. It was later revealed that Jock was corrupted by Israphel and was, to begin with, a good person.

Angus Eyeless

Main Article: Angus Eyeless

Angus Eyeless is a pirate and resident of BBQ Bay. Little is known about Angus other than that he has a Scottish Pirate, having a accent and is blind, wearing eye patches over both of his eyes. Angus has a pet wolf (possibly a guide dog). Due to his blindness, Angus isn't especially useful in a battle, given that he can barely get through a conversation without becoming confused and facing the wrong way, much less aim a cannon properly. Nevertheless, Angus is seen working with Isabel Peculier in her backstory helping her find gold on the Tiki Isles.

Spacker LeChuck

Main Article: Spacker LeChuck (Sjin)

Spacker LeChuck is a resident of BBQ Bay and a sailor on Angus Eyeless's ship. Spacker is a zombie dwarf pirate with a hole through his abdomen, through which his spine, ribs and kidneys are visible. Spacker drops his kidneys on the docks of BBQ Bay, leaving Honeydew to pick them up and return them. After BBQ Bay burned down, he decided to travel with Xephos and Honeydew to find the pieces of Karpath's Map. He is currently living in Stoneholm.

Grimjaw Slugface

Main Article: Grimjaw Slugface

Grimjaw Slugface is a (former?) resident of BBQ Bay, first appearing in Episode 18 of Season 3, alongside Angus Eyeless and Jock Fireblast. Xephos and Honeydew overhear their heated conversation whilst exiting the secret tunnel leading from the archery range at Verigan's Hold. Grimjaw is said to be "tainted" by Jock Fireblast. He attacks BBQ Bay, but his ship is sunk and he is apparently killed. His Treasure Hold contained a large amount of gold, as well as a piece of Karpath's Map, but was also filled with puzzles, traps, and monsters. The entry point was on Scumbucket Island, with the exit point in a desert located near BBQ Bay, Tomb of Lehparsi, and a Giant Stone Dragon.

Isabel Peculier

Main Article: Isabel Peculier (Rythian)

Isabel Peculier is the sister of Knight Peculier, the daughter of Karpath Antioch, and the granddaughter of Verigan Antioch. She was raised alternately by Granny Bacon and Adaephon after her mother's disappearance, and after growing tired of her brother's obsession with finding Israphel, she left to live the life of a pirate upon her ship, The Black Pimple. Later, she was attacked by Israphel, who was presumably attempting to kidnap her as he did her mother. However, she was saved by Pirate Tinman, who she repaired and made her first mate. She is currently sailing to Icaria, and intends to aid the heroes in the final battle to defeat Israphel.

Skylord Jasper's Retreat/SkyholdEdit

Um Bongo

Main Article: Um Bongo (Inthelittlewood)

A spectacular view of Skyhold

Um Bongo seems to be a tribal man who seems to be a slave to Skylord Jasper because of his readyness to escape with Honeydew and Xephos, he offered to show Honeydew and Xephos to his master.Um Bongo can not talk propally to people he always misses out some words and he is seen more times in Xephos and Honeydew's adventure.

Skylord Vitali

Main Article: Skylord Vitali

Skylord Vitali was the last living Skylord stationed at Skyhold, since the deaths of Skylords stationed there. He wears black and is very pale. When first met by our heroes, he seems to be rather suspicious of others, as he confronts Skylord Lysander about bringing outsiders to Skyhold, believes that the members of the Carnivale Del Banjo to be responsible for the murder of Amber as well as the disappearance of the other Skylords, and believes Madame Nubescu to be attempting to murder the sick Baako, although she seems to only be attempting to help. Vitali is actually a vampire.

Skylord Baako

Main Article: Skylord Baako

Skylord Baako was a Skylord stationed in Skyhold, and the grandfather of Skylord Lysander. He was one of two remaining Skylords in the Hold after the death of Skylord Amber.


Rory Rockhammer

Main Article: Rory Rockhammer
Stoneholm courtyard-2-

Stoneholm at night

Rory Rockhammer is Spacker LeChuck's nephew, whom has not yet reached his "dwarf spurt", as explained by Honeydew. Rory was ordered by King Finbar to find and polish obsidian in order to make a Hellgate. He helps Honeydew and Xephos hide while the king and his "guards" come down to capture them. After giving the king the obsidian Rory is "rewarded" by being turned into a zombie dwarf by Finbar

Kormag Darkforge

Main Article: Kormag Darkforge

Kormag Darkforge is the Guard Captain of Stoneholm and denies Spacker access to Stoneholm because of a "plague". Kormag seems to have changed while Spacker was gone, and this is because he has become a member of Israphel's Cult, along with the King. He appears to be the only dwarf, besides Finbar, to follow Israphel without being zombified. He is killed while trying to prevent Xephos and Honeydew's attempt to break out a prisoner, falling to Moira Magmabloom's arrow.

Moira Magmabloom

Main Article: Moira Magmabloom

Moira Magmabloom is a dwarf who strongly resemble Daisy Duke. They both are also weapons makers. She was in love with Rory Rockhammer. She and Rory helped hide Xephos, Honeydew, and Spacker from Finbar and Kormag, and she watched as Finbar turned Rory into a zombie. She told them about a prisoner, and helped them free him from Kormag's torture. She also helps them gather the materials for, and make, the key to the Deepcore, along the way explaining the troubles that befell Stoneholm. She stays behind with Spacker to deal with the dead dwarves and wait for the survivors to return.

King Finbar

Main Article: King Finbar

King Finbar is king of Stoneholm, and became an undead Cultist when he died of a strange plague. He gained many dark powers when he was revived, turning many dwarves into zombies to serve him. He, along with Kormag, built a Hellgate on top of the device that kept the Wall strong, imprisoned and tortured Knight Peculier, turned Rory Rockhammer into a zombie, and disabled the device keeping the Dark God of the Sands, as well as keeping the Desert from spreading across the world. He was slain by an enraged Knight Peculier.


Shiplord Hubert

Main Article: Shiplord Hubert

Shiplord Hubert is a French Shiplord with a very heavy French accent. He was found by our heroes in The Desert while they were looking for a healer for Professor Webley in "Shadow of Israphel" Part 41: Far From Home.

The HandEdit

The Evil Honeydews

Main Article: The Evil Honeydews

The Evil Honeydews make their first appearance in Episode 39. They are created when Honeydew and Xephos uncover a sinister cloning machine, ignoring the 'zombified Lalnas' which were likely previous failed clone attempts.

Honeydew stepped into a cloning machine to see what would happen and Xephos activated it, Honeydew gets temporarily frozen in a strange liquid but has managed to warn Xephos of the two Evil Honeydews as they emerged from behind him. The evil Honeydews started running and were chased by Honeydew and Xephos. One managed to be tricked and killed, while the other one managed to escape via minecart. His current whereabouts are unknown. 

Scribe Anno

Main Article: Scribe Anno

Scribe Anno is one of the four sent by Lastwatch Hold to investigate the Sands and The Hand. Along with Templar Kesha, nothing is known of his personality, as he was, like Kesha, killed by the now-mad Templar Enoch. He was pushed into the glowing green blood of the Hand.

Professor Grizwold

Main Article: Professor Grizwold

Professor Horatio Grizwold ("Prof_Grizwold" in-game), sometimes spelled Grizwald, is the man who assembled Verigan's group of heroes during the quest to destroy the first portal.

Templar Enoch

Main Article: Templar Enoch

Templar Enoch was a member of Professor Grizwold's search party of four in Episode 38 of Shadow of Israphel to investigate The Hand.

Templar Kesha

Main Article: Templar Kesha

Templar Kesha was a Templar that was a member of Professor Grizwold's search party of four, who appeared in flashbacks in Episode 38 of Shadow of Israphel. Kesha, Enoch, Anno, and Grizwald ventured intothe mysterious structure in the sands years before it was uncovered by Xephos, Honeydew and Knight Peculier.

Professor Webley

Main Article: Professor Webley

Professor Webley (Webley Grizwold) is a character in the Shadow of Israphel series. He seems to be member of the Lastwatch Hold expedition to the Hand, and is also the grandson of the great adventurer Professor Grizwold.

Other/Unseen CharactersEdit

Mrs Miggins

Main Article: Mrs Miggins

Mrs Miggins is an old lady that was mentioned in Mistral City, and then fled to Icaria, with Father Braeburn and Fumblemore when Mistral was burnt down by Jock Fireblast. She seems to have a cat that she lost, but then later found. She has yet to be seen but might be in a future episode if Xephos and Honeydew visit Icaria.

Mrs Perrywinkle

Main Article: Mrs Perrywinkle

Mrs Perrywinkle is a character briefly mentioned in Mistral City "Shadow of Israphel" Part 3: I DEMAND YOUR FINEST BACON!. She had written an advertisement on the mistral city notice board along with Mrs Miggins' notice.

The advertisement reads:

"Kittens for sale, see Mrs Perrywinkle."

Skylord Horus

Main Article: Skylord Horus

Skylord Horus was a Skylord and resident of the Skyhold. He was secretly murdered by Israphel Cultist Vitali, who then hid Horus' remains.

Skylord James

Main Article: Skylord James

Skylord James was a Skylord and resident of the Skyhold. He was secretly murdered by Israphel follower Vitali, who then hid his remains.

Skylord Vimes

Main Article: Skylord Vimes

Skylord Vimes was a Skylord who lived in Skyhold before he was killed by a fellow Skylord and secret Israphel follower/vampire, Skylord Vitali. He was likely among the first of Vitali's victims.

Skylord Finnigan

Main Article: Skylord Finnigan

Skylord Finnigan was a Skylord stationed in Skyhold, and one of many killed by the rogue Skylord Vitali.

Skylord Amber

Main Article: Skylord Amber

Skylord Amber was a Skylord stationed in Skyhold. She was murdered by the vampire Vitali, just before our heroes and Skylord Lysander arrived in Skyhold, so little is known of her.

Karpath's wife

Main Article: Karpath's wife

Karpath's wife is the as yet unseen wife of Karpath Antioch, and is the mother of Knight Peculier and Isabel Peculier. Her first name is as yet unknown, so in some areas she is referred to as 'Jane Doe' Peculier.

Mr. Duke

Main Article: Mr. Duke

Mr. Duke is the yet unseen father of Daisy Duke, who ran the forge at Mistral City.


Main Article: Bob

Bob is an unseen character who lived in a hobbit hole-like house in Terrorvale that used to belong to Israphel. He disappeared and nobody has seen him since. His hut has a rather unsettling sign inside saying: Death is only the beginning. This was most likely left behind by the previous occupant, prior to his death or disappearence.

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All the characters seen to date

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