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Minecraft Wasted - RUN THIS TOWN! w/ Strippin, Toby and Ludolik

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Wasted #3
Season 1, Episode 3
Mcwasted lrg
Posted 6 May 2013
Characters Martyn, Toby, Strippin, Ludolik
Channel Inthelittlewood
Episode guide
Minecraft Wasted - Part 2 w/ Toby, Strippin & Ludolik
Minecraft Wasted - NEW CLASSES! w/ SoTotallyToby + Ludolik
 This the third video of Martyn and his friends playing Minecraft Wasted.

The description reads: In today's episode I get to show you the class that I suggested to the developers as well as another & a new death animation, so graphic D: haha!


Minecraft Wasted - RUN THIS TOWN! w Strippin, Toby and Ludolik(15:10)
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