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Real Name Anya Ferris
Usernames/Aliases MintyMinute, Minty
YouTube Channel MintyMinute
Gender Female
Nationality British
Current Member? Yes
Working at YogTowers? Yes
Occupation Director of Community Administration at Yogscast Ltd

Anya Ferris (born October 13, 1987), also known as MintyMinute, or simply Minty, is the Director of Administration and member of the Yogscast. She is renowned for her hard work, organizing and managing the Yogscast's webpage and forum website. Anya is also an administrator of this Wiki.


Anya joined the Yogscast at the beginning of 2012 as the Media Administrator. Her role is to liase the social feeds, manage the community and general admin duties around the YouTube channels, and office work. She also manages and reads the emails received from Yognau(gh)ts.


Minty appeared in the Minecraft Survival Games series, where she was on a team with the ruthless Sjin, who dominated many of the other players for most of the game. Minty has recently set up shop in the Yogscast Tekkit Server and opened The Captive Creeper, a bar in which all the toughest players hang out. She was recruited by Sips and Sjin for an expedition to The Nether in order to collect blaze rods for SipsCo. She is a very important and productive part of the Yogscast.


  • Her Yogscast forum profile is:
  • Her YouTube channel is:, with over 10,800 subscribers despite a lack of any videos.
  • Her regularly updated Twitter & Facebook accounts are:!/mintyminute and
  • Her user page on this wiki is: MintyMinute
  • According to Zoey's Mushnet monitoring system, her weakness is "Happy Hour."
  • According to her Mushnet monitor, Minty was seen near the Honeydew Inc. Jaffa Factory, possibly foreshadowing an appearance in their videos.
  • During the 2012 Christmas Livestream, it was revealed that Minty is a natural at Just Dance 4. She was the first Yogscast member to get four stars on a song. She also beat TurpsterMartynParv and Sparkles in a "dance-off." She repeated her Just Dance skills during the 2013 Christmas Livestreams.
  • According to Hannah in "YogSims - Snow & Sjipsco", Minty knows how to play the guitar and she is very good at it.
  • It has been noted by Lewis that Minty "Uploads everything" meaning she uploads all their videos.
  • In the first episode of "Yognews" (not the pilot), Minty revealed she doesn't play much Dota, preferring LoL over it.
  • Before working for the Yogscast, Minty worked as a waitress, in Superdrug, in an office and in a fish & chip shop - not all at the same time though!
  • Minty stated on Tumblr that if she could dye her hair a crazy colour for a week, she would dye it dark purple or dark red.
  • She is 5 foot tall.
  • She has 2 younger sisters.
  • When she lived with her parents, she had hamsters, rabbits, fish, dogs and even a snake at one point.
  • She is from Chelmsford, Essex.
  • She runs a Minecraft server for herself and friends.


  • (In response to Sjin saying he's a professional) "Famous last words."
  • "He kinda escaped."
  • "Are you sure you're up to it? You both look a little bit too puny for the Nether."
  • "Keep the chat clean, boys!"
  • "They are lovely people!" (While being asked about fellow Yogscast Members)


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