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Mo' Creatures is a single-player mod that adds several new mobs to your single-player world. Some of these, such as horses, dolphins, Big Cats and many more, are tamable. Some are simply harmless, and some, like boars, bears, and big cats, will attack, but only under certain conditions. It also adds aggressive mobs like scorpions, ogres, sharks, and more.

The mod spotlight video, uploaded on the BlueXephos channel on February 12th 2011, is a 10 minute long video featuring gameplay from Hannah and commentary from Hannah, Lewis and Simon as they look at the different features of the new mobs.

The video description reads: Hannah, Lewis and Simon have a look at an amazing mod for single player minecraft.

Download this mod here

A video response was uploaded by MinecraftCowboy featuring a re-textured ogre to make it look like Honeydew.


Minecraft - Mo' Creatures - Mod Spotlight09:54

Minecraft - Mo' Creatures - Mod Spotlight

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