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Moira Magmabloom
Moira Magmabloom




Stoneholm Resistance



First Appearance

Episode 31

Last Appearence

Episode 32

Weapon of Choice

Bow and Arrow


Living in Stoneholm

Moira Magmabloom is a female dwarf that first appears in Episode 31. Xephos and Honeydew first meet Moira as she and Rory Rockhammer, with whom she has an unspecified relationship (as hinted at later in the episode, as she mourns him being turned into a zombie) hide the heroes in a secret room, overlooking a meeting between King Finbar and Kormag Darkforge. She instigates the rescue of Knight Peculier, who is being tortured by Kormag, and, though she states her bow would be useless, slays Kormag with her arrow. After learning of the need to reach the Deepcore, she, Honeydew, and Xephos go in search of the needed ingredients: Lava, gold and beer.

They fight their way through the Hall of Hammers, and while doing so, Moira tells the tale of what happened to Stoneholm. A strange, pale-faced man began to lurk around the city, and dwarves began to sicken, or disappear. Their King sickened, and died, but unlike the others, rose again, gaining terrible powers. He used these powers to enslave the city, and this may have disrupted the deal between Verigan Antioch and the dwarves, to allow the Wall to be breached. She and the heroes fight to the Cold Storage, finding the needed beer. They find lava in the nursery and barracks. They then return to the King's Chugger Inn, reuniting with Knight Peculier and Spacker, who have been resting there. After a few beers, while Moira forges the key, they recover. Knight Peculier, Xephos, and Honeydew leave for the Deepcore, while Moira and Spacker stay behind to burn the bodies, and wait for other survivors to return. Her parting words to Honeydew may imply an attraction to him. She made the heroes a "key" with gold and lava which turned out to be a lever and Peculiar said "I'm surprised you didn't make one yourself."

Honeydew originally mistakes Moira for the missing Daisy Duke, and repeatedly makes mention of a feeling he has that Moira is somehow "familiar". This may be a joke, or a reference to the skins of the two minecraft characters being incredibly similar (The only change is a beard on Moira) or it may be a reference to an as of yet unexplored plot point. In Episode 32 Moira is shown to be a blacksmith, adding to the striking similarities with Daisy.

Character PopularityEdit

In a poll that was held from January to February 2013 on this wiki with all Season 3 characters to choose from, Moira Magmabloom was placed equal 28th overall with 3 votes out of 4412 votes. Moirai drew with Rory Rockhammer who also came 28th.

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