(The jingle for MoonQuest, invented by Simon)

MoonQuest, was Lewis, Simon, and Duncan's Yogscast Complete series that is uploaded onto the YOGSCAST Lewis And Simon channel. Sjin has also appeared in the MarsQuest episodes, and Sips has also appeared in statue form. Originally, MoonQuest referred to, not just the series, but the modpack they used. It featured some of Lewis' favorite mods. This later changed and the Yogscast Complete Pack was created. They continued this series with the new modpack installed and the server and it became the official Yogscast server for all Yogscast members to play on, much like the old Tekkit and YogCraft server.


The original goal of the MoonQuest series was for Lewis, Simon, and Duncan, calling themselves "J.A.F.F.A.", a space agency, to get to the moon. This goal was achieved during episode 45 where Simon crash-landed into the Moon. After landing on the Moon, they set up several bases on the Moon. Later they teamed up with Sjin focused on reaching Mars, redubbing the series "MarsQuest", to rescue the abducted Sips. They finally reached Mars on episode 95, and after a few episodes of exploring Mars they parted ways with Sjin after he tried to betray them and escape without paying them back. Sjin's payment was a mysterious deed which led them to the ruins of the Honeydew Inc. Jaffa Factory. "Re-redubbing" the series "JaffaQuest, they then dedicated themselves to repairing and rebuilding the factory. They eventually managed to refurbish a single floor of the factory, although much of the facility remained in ruins, and they set about converting this floor into a space museum dedicated to the exploits of J.A.F.F.A. and their history with landing on the moon and Mars. Unfortunately, Simon accidentally activated a rocket that had been placed there as an exhibit, as a small amount of fuel remained inside, and when it could not escape the building, the rocket detonated in a catastrophic explosion that destroyed most of the factory, leading Lewis, Simon, and Duncan to abandon it, and their J.A.F.F.A. base, Baked Bean Fort, and start an entirely new series called Hole Diggers.

Episode GuideEdit

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This is the list of mods from the original MoonQuest modpack. If you are looking for mods for the Yogscast Complete Pack, go here.


  • There was a music video/song written for this series: MoonQuest: An Epic Journey - Original Song and Animation
  • The binary code at the start of the MoonQuest music video is the trivia section of Teutron's Wiki page in binary.
  • The Yogscast Guarantee, a sarcastic guarantee that the Yogscast would not cheat in Minecraft, was first mentioned in MarsQuest 88 - An Unexpected Visitor. This Guarantee was soon broken 10 minutes later at the end of the episode.
  • Despite Ridge's work during Moonquest Administration is difficult? Moonflower menace to remove the flowers from the moon, in MarsQuest 90 - Aura Node Sjin stumbles upon some bluebells whilst trying to find a dungeon far from the base.
  • The seed used in JaffaQuest is ForQueenAndCountry4, with Biomes O Plenty world generation turned on.[1]
  • In MarsQuest 89 - Animal or Manimal it is revealed what the rockets were called:
    • Rocket One: Icarus - Exploded in "The Great Catastrophe" (by Simon)
    • Rocket Two: Icarus II - Exploded in Lift Off 2 (by Duncan)
    • Rocket Three: The Great Sunlight Dragon - The first successful Moon landing. On the Moon it stood as a testament/model for Icarus I and II. This is renamed Jaffa III in the Jaffa Factory which exploded with 7% fuel left (by Simon) and destroyed the Jaffa Factory.
  • First words on the Moon:
    • "Oxygen setup is invalid" (Landing: "Oh (beep)") - Simon
    • "Why didn't it work?!" (Landing: "It's not working") - Duncan
    • "Oh my God" (possibly) (Landing: died before it landed) - Lewis
    • "Can I breathe on the moon? I've got a space suit" (by link book) - Sjin
  • First words on Mars:
    • "Um. Uh. Guys, I think I can see Sips" (Landing: "I appear to be strapped to.. oh my God. I'm bouncing. I'm bouncing on Mars. Oh my God. What is this? Okay. Oh. Well this is amazing. I think I've landed") - Simon
    • "Oh. I'm very low on Oxygen" (Landing: "Oh no. I'm bouncing. No, I'm okay") - Sjin
    • "Hello Mars" (by link book) - Duncan
    • "Just do it. We need to take him back" (by link book) - Lewis


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