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Duncan 0
(The jingle for MoonQuest, invented by Simon)

MoonQuest, also known as MarsQuest and JaffaQuest, is Lewis, Simon, and Duncan's Yogscast Complete series that is uploaded onto the BlueXephos channel. Sjin has also appeared in the MarsQuest episodes, and Sips has also appeared in statue form.

Originally, MoonQuest referred to, not just the series, but the modpack they used. It featured some of Lewis' favorite mods. This later changed and the Yogscast Complete Pack was created. They continued this series with the new modpack installed and the server and it became the official Yogscast server for all Yogscast members to play on, much like the old Tekkit and Yogcraft server.

In Yogiverse Edit

The original goal of the MoonQuest series was for Lewis, Simon and Duncan to get to the moon. This goal was achieved during episode 45 where Simon crash-landed into the Moon. After landing on the Moon, they set up several bases on the Moon. Later they focused on reaching Mars (During MarsQuest) and then rediscovering the Jaffa Factory and converting it into a space museum (During JaffaQuest).

Episode GuideEdit

Moon Quest

The full series playlist can be found here

  1. Lofty Ambitions
  2. Simon's Spuds
  3. J.A.F.F.A
  4. Rocket Bumholes
  5. Quicksand
  6. Chests R Us
  7. Cheese Sheep
  8. Adorkable
  9. John Rambo
  10. Knobus
  11. Aloominum
  12. To The Skies
  13. Straight On Till Morning
  14. Tracy Island
  15. An English Country Garden
  16. Dave! Bugnaught
  17. The Hole Digger
  18. Beans on Toast
  19. Baked Bean Fart
  20. Bean Mining
  21. Slimy Saplings
  22. Sludgeland
  23. Smurnace
  24. Aluminium
  25. Tom Jones
  26. Obsidian Pernus Land
  27. Saving Private Simon
  28. Layer of Blood
  29. A Dangerous Land
  30. The Hat
  31. Hunt for Glowstone
  32. Burning Blossom
  33. Getting Things Done
  34. CraftCast
  35. Make Me A Gun
  36. Four Million O'Clock
  37. Thinland
  38. Meteor Shower
  39. Pretty Boy
  40. Ginger Zombie
  41. Deep Sea Diving
  42. King of the Squids
  43. Temple of Doom
  44. Rocket Fuel
  45. Blast Off
  46. Houston, we have a problem
  47. Delicious Sperm Whale
  48. First Contact
  49. Crotatoes
  50. Moonbasement
  51. Sheep Rustled
  52. Blast Off version 2.0
  53. Picking up the Pieces
  54. Role Reversal
  55. Laser Turret
  56. Moongineers
  57. Back to the Deadlands
  58. Mechatronic Armour
  59. Blast Off 3.0
  60. The Aftermath
  61. Get in the back of the Van
  62. Mr Plough
  63. The List
  64. A Change of Plan
  65. Dome Trouble
  66. Third Time Lucky
  67. Health & Safety Nightmare
  68. All The Leaves Are Gone
  69. I'm Eating A Cookie!
  70. Wawaweewawer!!!
  71. Weird Egg Thing In The Sky
  72. Fortress Hunt
  73. A Whole New World
  74. Horse Wrangling
  75. Homeward Bound
  76. Meteor Attack
  77. The Best, The Worst, The Durst
  78. The Moon is Broken
  79. Pig Island 2.0
  80. Hamazing Doorbell
  81. Make Ham A Home
  82. Porky Door
  83. Missing Villagers
  84. Fields of Gold
  85. The Chalice of Life
  86. Dungeon Run
  87. Electric Defence
  1. An Unexpected Visitor
  2. Animal or Manimal
  3. Aura Node
  4. Xena's Anex Cream
  5. Ring My Bell
  6. Blast Off to Mars
  7. The Book of Sips
  8. Charlie Dimmock
Jaffa Quest
  1. The Jaffa Factory Returns
  2. Witch Busters
  3. Journals and Tainted Castles
  4. Jaffa Industries Space Mining
  5. Nitro Creeper
  6. Ent
  7. Jaffa Fartery
  8. Witch Beer
  9. Feeding Slippy
  10. Interactive Moonsperience
  11. A New Deed
  12. Packing Up
MoonQuest Mod List

This is the list of mods from the original MoonQuest modpack. If you are looking for mods for the Yogscast Complete Pack, go here.



Yogscast Complete Pack
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