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Moses was a king slime that was kept as a pet by Duncan and Kim. He replaced the mosasaurus of the same name that Lewis and Sjin put in the Flux Buddies toilet, who died. In episode #126, he escaped the pool he was in and killed several vampires, including KirinDave, before being killed by Kim's bellthornes. Duncan and Kim were amazed by the loyalty of their slime as even they couldn't damage the high level vampires.

Flux Buddies
Series: Flux Buddies, Flux Buddies 2.0, Flux Buddies 3, Flux Baddies
Characters: Duncan Jones, Kim Richards, Barnabus, Dr. Lalnable Hector, Moses, Rincewind, Specimen 5, Tiddles
Locations: Damtown, Flux Buddies 2.0 (Base), Lalnable's Base, Nano's Noodle Bar, Panda Labs

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