Move or Die is an absurdly fast-paced, 4-player local and online party game where the mechanics change every 20 seconds. The very definition of a perfect friendship-ruining game.


Episode GuideEdit

Lewis and Simon — Move or Die
Video Name Table yt
Move Or Die - Chainsaw Backstab Watch
Move or Die - Sudden Death Watch
Kim — Move or Die
Video Name Table yt
MOVE OR DIE! Don`t Stop Moving! Watch
MOVE OR DIE! Kylo-Rythian Watch
MOVE OR DIE! Nipple King Watch
MOVE OR DIE! Nipple Queen (with Hey Chrissa, CaffCast, Rythian) Watch
MOVE OR DIE! Kylo-Rythian`s Candy Watch
MOVE OR DIE! Birthday Bomb Watch
MOVE OR DIE! Zen Cuppa Tea Watch

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