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Mr Astley


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Mistral City


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Henry (nephew)

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"You know the rulessssssssSs and sSssssso do I..."
(Mr. Astley from within his Dwarven cell)

Mr Astley was a reformed Creeper who lived in Mistral City. He was a typical Creeper, with green with four legs and liked to explode.

Mr Astley was a humble creeper until Xephos and Honeydew required sulphur to give to Fumblemore, and decided to get some from him and set out to slay him. Unfortunately, he exploded before they could retrieve the sulphur and blew up the entrance to his house. A possible reason for a level of hostility shown towards Xephos when he approached the Astley Residence is because Henry, whom they bumped into in the Planetoid series, was the nephew of Mr Astley and unfortunately passed away while in the company of our heroes.

Later, when the duo returned with Skylord Lysander, no suspicions of Mr Astley ever being dead were present, aside from the fact that the sign was missing. His body (or what was left of it) now rests in the Mistral City graveyard. Though he seems to have a power that no one other than the great heroes Honeydew and Xephos hold: the ability to come back to life.

It is a known fact that he always gave up, he would always let anyone down, he would always run around, and certainly would desert them, which is written on his epitaph. This is a joke referring to the creator of the Rickroll song, Rick Astley.

Mr. Astley returned to get his revenge on Lewis by blowing up a portion of his house in the demonstration of the so-called Better Than Wolves mod.

Mr. Astley made a cameo in SoI Episode 32 trapped in a bedrock jail behind iron bars and singing his song, Never Gonna Give You Up. A rescue attempt was tried, but failed quickly as the prison was made of bedrock.

His most recent appearance was in Sol Episode 38: The Hand where he tried, yet again, to kill Lewis. It is unknown how he got out of his jail.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Originally "Mr. Astley's house" was supposed to be empty, with the joke being that when the door opens, musical notes were supposed to play the song "Never Gonna Give You Up", but they could not get it to work. They had neglected, however, to properly light up the entire house, and while they were working on other parts of the city, a Creeper spawned in the basement of the house, and they left him there. "From that day, a legend was born."

Character PopularityEdit

In a poll that was held from January to February 2013 on this wiki with all Season 3 characters to choose from, Mr Astley was placed 6th overall with 151 votes out of 4412 votes.

Astley explosion

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