Mushroom Prison Blues is a song made by the Jailhouse 5 (Ringo, Paul, John, George and Zoey), when they were in Mushroom prison. The song is similar to "Folsom Prison Blues" in tune. The Background music is "Whiskey on The Mississippi"



Well that dinosaur was crazy, 

With his gun locked on my head, 

And then my memory's hazy, 

On how I'm left with just a bed, 

And I'm now in Mushroom prison, 

And Rythian, He ain't heard, 

And the dinosaur just keeps on, 

Not saying a word, 

Well when I was his apprentice, 

My master told me "Girl, 

Don't you ever mess with science, 

Magic's way more cool"

But I built a lab named B.A.R.R.Y,  Just to watch him cry, 

But I'm the one months later, 

With the tears in my eye, 

(Awesome Harmonica Bit)


The mushrooms are all laughing,

With their dinosaur, 

Aint built them no computer, 

But they don't care no more!

'Cause they got me all locked in

Aint no way out of here, 

All I got left is groovin',

To this Harr-Moni-Kerrrr

My volcano baby's a prison...

And that's a weird sentence to say, 

I don't know if anyone's listenin', 

But in this cell I can't stay!

Save me from Mushroom Prison,  Get me back to Blackrock Hold

I don't wanna still be singing, 

When I'm grey and old, 


Mushroom Prison Blues - A Tekkit Music Video03:16

Mushroom Prison Blues - A Tekkit Music Video

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