N-Comm, or N-Comm Systems is the mysterious person/company responsible for the construction of the JADE SENTINEL Central Power Core, Facility 4 and, ominously, the Skyhold's propulsion system. They may also have designed the Jade Sentinels. They seem to have had more advanced technology than most current Minecraftians, despite the fact that many of the things they have constructed are ancient.

It may be that N-Comm, despite the dark nature of some of its creations, may simply have had them corrupted by Israphel. Israphel may have started or corrupted N-Comm in some way, but this does not explain their involvement in Skyhold's propulsion system.

Shadow of Israphel Miscellaneous
Battles/Wars: Battle of the Breach, Battle under Terrorvale, The Pre-Sand War, The Sand War
Items: Billhook, Fumblemore's Cure-All Potion, Golden Record, Karpath's Map, Verigan's Hammer
Organisations: Cult of Israphel, N-Comm, The Adventures League, The Crimson Cross
Series: Israphel Animated, Mushbury Tales
Other: History of Minecraftia, Races of Minecraftia, Kikatchu, L. Wilson, The Sands, The Taint of Israphel, The Tale of the Sands

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