Nano's Nook is one of Kim and Duncan's series on the Yogscast Complete Pack. Kim has been playing/practicing Yogscast Complete on a separate single player world by herself so she could get better at it. She decided to turn it into a multiplayer world, with the assistance of Dave, and start recording it.

On the first set of episodes, Kim showed Duncan around her base and all the items she has created and found. This series is much like their Flux Buddies series, except Kim is the master and Duncan is the apprentice.

With more and more people joining, Kim formed Nano's Village under the guidance of Chris Trott, allowing more Yogscast members to join in and leave a signature building and grow the server.

Episode GuideEdit

Kim — Nano's Nook
Video Name Table yt
Minecraft - Nano`s Nook (#1) - Welcome Duncan! (Yogscast Complete) Watch
Minecraft - Nano`s Nook (#2) - Water Damage (Yogscast Complete) Watch
Minecraft - Nano`s Nook (#3) - Screw the Nether (Yogscast Complete) Watch
Minecraft - Nano`s Nook (#4) - Pump It! (Yogscast Complete) Watch
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