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NewPool is the village where Daltos and Zylus once lived in the Yogscast Tekkit server before YogCraft reset.


NewPool is a village of two that was built around a pool Nilesy built. The two living residents of NewPool are Zylus and Daltos who were in the middle of a four day old feud over the pool.

The village was first seen when Rythian and Zoey were looking for a jungle when they stumbled upon it. They soon find themselves in the middle of the feud. After Zoey does some detective work they learn that Daltos has been trying to kill Zylus and his loved ones. Rythian and Zoey then decide to end this feud as a way to use them as a decoy for Sjin to attack instead of their base. Rythian then comes up with a solution, which is to find Nilesy and get him to build another pool so each of them can have a pool. Then, Daltos and Zylus did not agree, forcing Zoey to close the pool until another is made. Daltos is then attacked by a zombie, which Rythian tries to kill, but kills Daltos by mistake. To make things fair Rythian then kills Zylus to make it even.

Rythian and Zoey then leave the duo to continue to fight saying if they see Nilesy they will tell him to go them. It's later revealed, when Rythian and Zoey were talking to Nilesy about his work on the pool at NewPool that he was the one who actually killed (by eating) Tuna Macmillian. Daltos simply claimed the credit for it. Nilesy admitted to Rythian that the pool was actually from Ikea.

Later, Duncan finds NewPool on his way back from raiding Sjin's farm for beeswax.


  • Daltos' house
  • Zylus' house
  • NewPool Graveyard
  • NewPool Pool