Nicholas Buccino, also known as Daltos or Daltos the Lewd, is a good friend of the Yogscast. He is in the Tekkit Blackrock Chronicle series where he is a member of Newpool, along with Zylus.

In-Yogiverse Edit

  • Daltos appeared in Episode 21 of Rythian's Tekkit Adventure.
  • He also appeared in the short lived Sipscast, which was recorded along with Danny, Sips, RythianStrippin, and Ravs.
  • He joined the team (along with other Yogscast members and friends) to help raise money on day 2 of the 2015 Jingle Jam, where he played the Overwatch Beta.
  • He appeared in Civ V: Donut Island.
  • He appeared in Civ VI: Boat Kings as well as Civ VI: Prongs of Power.


  • His accent in the Tekkit series is actually fake as he was previously heard in the Sipscast speaking consistently in an American accent and has stated that he lives in the US.
  • He lives in New Jersey.
  • He is a sub teacher
  • He has a dog named Cali.
  • In Civ V: Donut Island #2 he joked that when Pyrion Flax's Daughter is older he might date her.
  • In Civ V: Donut Island #3 he said that "Bucky" was his nickname when he was growing up.
  • His Minecraft character, from the Tekkit Blackrock Chronicle, has two penises, one of which is actually Zylus' he stole from him.


  • "The Yogscast Wiki put a pic up of me that I only uploaded to the internet once. You fuckers stalked my damn profile." (Daltos on the Yogscast Wiki)
  • "I'm eating cookies and I'm getting fucked."
  • "I've never played Dota with a Hat Film."
  • "I sexually identify as A Apache Helicopter."


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