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Nilesy 01
Real Name Liam J. MacKay
Usernames/Aliases Nilesy, Nilesyy, Nilesy_, NilesyRocks
YouTube Channel YOGSCAST Nilesy,
Gender Male
Nationality Scottish
Current Member? Yes
Member Since July 2012
Working at YogTowers? No
Occupation YouTube Content Producer at Yogscast Ltd
Partner John Cochrane (Panda), Hannah Rutherford (Lomadia)
Catchphrase "How's your day been?"
"How's your day been?"

Liam J. MacKay, also known as NilesyNilesy_ or Nilesyy (pronounced Nile-zee) is a Scottish member of the Yogscast. He joined the Yogscast in July 2012. He is the only one of the Yogscast who plays Team Fortress 2 regularly. He also plays World of Warcraft and The Binding of Isaac. He manages the YouTube channel NilesyRocks. SummaryEdit

Nilesy; entrepreneur and pooling enthusiast. An early adopter in pool float technology, Nilesy started his own business selling portable pools to the dehydrated masses. Nilesy’s Greatest and Best Pools and Pool Accessories is synonymous with quality, excellence and really good cheap pools you should buy one. If Nilesy had any words of advice for fledgling start-up businesses, it would be this: please purchase a portable pool. Long-time friend of the Yogscast, Nilesy is usually found on his channel playing indie games, RPG games, roguelikes, or being weirdly good at workplace sims. Does lots of co-ops with Hannah because she is his good bud (and also one of the few to actually purchase a portable pool).


Nilesy started his YouTube channel with hand drawn pictures and then moved on to video games such as Minecraft and World of Warcraft . He met the Yogscast around the time that they began posting Cataclysm videos and joined Kungaloosh Anonymous to raid with them. He soon started making videos for Machinima and soon after, Nilesy joined the Yogscast. He started a series with Sjin called "Diamonds in the Rough", in which they attempt to find good adventure maps among ones that are rated poorly, or are undiscovered.


Survival GamesEdit

Nilesy, teamed up with Panda, fell to the armed Sjin within the first couple of seconds into the game. When all the dead players got revived, he was amongst the first ones of them to die, killed (again) by Sjin's bare hands.


He was found buried underground in Sips and Sjin's Tekkit series, after being blown there by an explosion. He made a pathetic attempt at building their corporate swimming pool.

Later in the series, he applied for a job as Sjin and Sips' pool boy. However, he answered some of their questions incorrectly, but was dropped into a pit after revealing he was Scottish. He redeemed himself by answering Sips' final question correctly, but there was still no way to bring him back up to the surface, so Sjin activated the crushing device, killing him. His items were then sucked up by a pipe and into a chest. Sips and Sjin then found his marble house built near their compound and scrapped it for the marble blocks.

Some time afterwards, Rythian and Zoey found out that he built the pool in the town of NewPool. He later founded his own company 'Nilesy's Best And Greatest' specializing in the sale of portable pools for ten diamonds or 'friendship'. After a while babysitting Zoey's baby volcano Jim and building Zoey, Rythian, and Teep a pool, he left them. He has since teamed up with Hannah to help out at Lombucket Industries.

Crown ConquestEdit

In Round 1, he and Panda were put into the 'Watery Cage of Shame' by Ridgedog due to Sips framing them. Panda went up onto the mage tower where he found the voodoo doll and Nilesy was scouring the immediate surroundings until he found a bow and a stash of arrows. Nilesy and Panda later reunited at the tower. They encountered Lewis and Duncan, who managed to kill Nilesy. Lewis killed Panda who was unable to use his voodoo doll due to low hunger. The doll then fell into the possession of Lewis, who used it to knock off Alsmiffy of the Hatfilms and, much later, also GameChap off the winners' podium.

In Round 2, Nilesy went to the jail first and got two zombie spawner eggs which he used on Sparkles* and Parv, and with the zombies' help, he managed to kill both of them. Later on in the game, Nilesy and Panda both drowned.

In Round 3, at the beginning of the game, Nilesy entered the jail, but unfortunately set off a trap which spawned the two zombies that killed him. Panda died much later due to fall damage when he freaked out at Sparkles*' billhook.

Binding of IsaacEdit

Was renamed to The Binding of Nilesy early on in the series, and was a constant, long-standing video release until recently. Videos are still released occasionally, however due to lack of views (and therefore revenue) the series is slowing down. Binding of Isaac is a frequently played game on Nilesy's livestreams as his goal is to get all of the Steam achievements for the game and complete all of the in-game challenges.


Current SeriesEdit

  • Owl Island (Sequel to Evicted Witchery/Dartcraft series)

Finished SeriesEdit

  • Evicted (Nilesy and Hannah's Witchery/Dartcraft series)



Nilesy's attitude in a nutshell
  • "You shut your mouths you BASTARD KIDS!" - Nilesy, 2013 (During The Walls 2 Part 1)
  • "Not on my fuckin' watch!"
  • "You son of a gun!"
  • (Sung) "It's time to....Tekkit to the limit with Nilesy, Tekkit to the limit with Nilesy, Nilesy, yeah!!!" 
  • "I'm using my sexy cold voice."
  • "No, we're getting a little too far into fan-fiction there."
  • "I was lagged... That chicken! I was stuck on the chicken!"
  • "No, no, we love Iceland! It was a joke!"
  • "/tp Nilesy_ Sjin"
  • "Every pool boy must one day grow up to be a pool man!"
  • "Shut up, Sjin, ya bampot!"
  • "It may have been Snape, but if it was Snape... THEY'RE WRONG! Because my hair is so much nicer than Snape's."
  • "I know this place like the back of my watch, and I don't even wear a watch... know what I'm saying?"
  • "AAAH! Panda come down here, Panda come down here, Pandapandapandapandapanda, oh my god I'm gonna die, pleeaase come down here, oh my god... I'm dead I'm dead... *dies* *THUMP* " (Crown Conquest Round Three)
  • "Flippin' Flippers!"
  • "Rythian, look, I'm jumping!"
  • "I made Sips that pool for free! And what did I get? Murdered."
  • "And uh... Look, just take this glass and get away from me."
  • "But, uh... if you hear the pool talking to you, don't tell anyone, got it?"
  • "Oh you son of a gun!"
  • "[My laugh] is like 'ha ha ha *snorts* Oh my God none of that please'"
  • "Strippin would take his shirt off for £5 if you threw it at him in the street."
  • "I fucking love bees"
  • "Theres some sexy jazz guitar in this song now."
  • "Protessional strem"
  • "Hooray! We're actually doing something in Tekkit!"
  • (when playing Minecraft with someone and failing at his task) "Meanwhile..."
  • (when he fails at something) "GOD DAMMIT!"
  • "Bang, bang, BANG, WHAT?! Okay. *laughs uneasily* Okay. Ha ha ha, this game is fun, you should all buy it.  He he he..."
  • "There's a thin line between sucking and not."
  • "NO, don't come down here mister cat! (after falling in a ravine)
  • "I'm a HUUUGE cat."
  • (when playing TF2) "Hey everybody. It turns out that when I mashed the keyboard in rage, I accidentally stopped the recording."
  • "Oh, come on!"
  • "Oh, fuck you!"
  • "Oh shit!"
  • (when playing a game on GirlsGoGames) "DISASTER!"
  • "MAKE IT RAIN, BITCH!" (While feeding treats to Lyndon)
  • "He could be bicurious, we never know these things..." (About Rythian)
  • "Madam, I am not a master of the metaphysical."
  • "Welcome to TF2 with TFMe and TFYou!"
  • "Ladies room tell me your secrets"
  • "It's not about the prizes, it's about givin' us your money"
  • "If you think this is free entertainment your f***ing wrong, now pull out your wallets and donate a dollar"


  • Nilesy has a cat named Lyndon.
  • His nickname, "Nilesy", came from the character Niles Crane of a once popular TV show Frasier.
  • His skin is based on Dwight Schrute from The Office (US). This makes him one of three Yogscast members to have a skin based on a pre-existing character (the others being Lewis and DaveChaos). 
  • Nilesy worked as a call center agent in the morning and records videos at the evening. Nilesy quit his job on November 29th 2013 so he can make Youtube videos for the Yogscast full time.
  • On 8th December 2012, Nilesy led the Yogscast Charity Livestream for the night, accompanied by Zylus and HybridPanda
  • After beloved donator Kjetil Andre Holen donated £1000 to the Charity Drive, Nilesy sang "Cara Mia" from the Portal 2 soundtrack, much to the amusement of Zyluss, Duncan, HybridPanda and all 17 thousand people watching the stream.
  • One of Nilesy's new years resolutions for 2013 was to lose weight, as mentioned on the 11th episode of his Tekkit series.
  • Nilesy has the most Yogscast partners that he regularly plays with, which are Sjin, Hannah, and Panda (however, as of his video series "Sjin's Farm", Sjin is now partnered with Sips, Nilesy, Duncan and Lewis, making him the new leader.).
  • Nilesy let a bunch of chickens into the Crooked Caber, much to the irritation of Rythian and the pleasure of Ravs, as well as eating the squids. How and why he got so many chickens into the Caber is still shrouded in mystery.
  • Nilesy suffers from social phobia, or anxiety disorder. This is also present in Zoey Proasheck.
  • Nilesy had a channel before NilesyRocks called NilesyRawr, which he closed due to partnership restrictions. In school he also had a channel called NilesDiLux which he used for sharing film projects.
  • Nilesy stated on a livestream that he doesn't listen to much music in his own time as it gets stuck in his head, sometimes stopping him from sleeping.
  • Nilesy describes himself as an "Achievement Whore", as he loves to get achievements (particularly on Steam) and complete in-game collections.
  • Nilesy's favourite superhero is the Crimson Bolt.
  • Nilesy's favourite films are Magnolia, Everything is Illuminated, Southland Tales & Super.
  • Nilesy's favourite TV shows are Star Trek Next Gen, Star Trek DS9, Star Trek Voyager, Haruhi Suzumiya, Arrested Development, Always Sunny & Flight of the Conchords.
  • Nilesy is 6.1 feet tall.
  • Nilesy has only ever had one nightmare
  • His birthday is on May 8th,1986
  • Apparently, during the 2014 live streams, Nilesy's ringtone was Hannah saying "Ring, ring" over and over.
  • Nilesy is a huge fan of Homestuck



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