Nilesy's Outro Song is the song Nilesy sings at the end of each of his videos. The music played is "Cipher" by Kevin MacLeod of, and the song's lyrics are sung by Nilesy himself. Nilesy wrote a new outro song, the music also by Kevin Macleod which premiered in 'Diamonds in the Rough: Supernatural Shenanigans Part 1' on 17 October 2013.

Original LyricsEdit

This is my outro song

So that the vid doesn't end to-o suddenly

Nilesy's new outro slate

Be sure to click like and fave and drop a comment,
if you think that you want to
O-oh and there's tonnes of other stuff for you to click in the...
in the background, so go ahead and do that, 

Thanks for watchin' the vid beau-u-uu-u uuu-u-u-utiful people
And that is all for now
Be sure to subscribe
And I'll catch you all laa-aa-aater.

Do do do-do-do-do do
Do-do do do do-do do do
Oh god...

Seriously, why are you still watching this? Go and
subscribe and drop a comment below
Goddamn you, stop watching video
Click fave, drop a comment, I think you want to
but if you don't, well that's... your opinion, I guess...

Revised LyricsEdit

Hey, everyone come listen to the new outro song
It's a lot like the old one, but not quite as long
I was feelin' creative, so this came along

I hope they like it, I wonder what they're thinkin' right now
What are they thinking about this song? I wonder...

Oh my God, can it be a fresh new beat from Nilesinator
You know what, I think it is but this tune's a strange choice
Hey, did anybody notice this vid has more likes than views, lol
Hey, what the heck, YouTube? Are you broken again

I have to say I personally like this other outro more
What do you mean? I think they're both just as good
Yeah, but remember he did a rap song or so

We'll have to agree to disagree
And converse politely
YouTube comments 'bout getting along
Being great friends can't be wrong

Moving swiftly along
Hit like if you agree with this song
And enjoy the video
It'd be nice for your love to show

Oh God, we're back in the chorus bit now
I didn't prepare this far ahead
Wait, this song is longer than I originally thought
I'm gonna end, I think I'm gonna end it right here, Oh my God, stop!.


  • Hannah did her own version of Nilesy's outro song at the end of Tekkit with Nilesy and Hannah episode 3.
  • Rythian did a version in an April fools Video where he pretended to be Nilesy.
  • Multiple viewers have uploaded their own covers of the outro song to YouTube and Tumblr.
  • On a Reddit AMA, Kevin Macleod claimed that Cipher was his favourite song. He also mentioned that Nilesy is his favourite YouTuber to work with.[1]
  • Zoey did a version of the song in Tomodachi Life.

References Edit


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