Nilesy Does Desura was a series of videos where Nilesy has played horror games from Desura, a digital platform for games and related material. The platform focuses on smaller independent games. It is considered to be the equivalent of Steam for the independent market. The service was shut down in June/July of 2015 after the parent company of the company hosting the service, Bad Juju, filed for bankruptcy in June.

Episode GuideEdit

Nilesy — Desura
Video Name Table yt
Horror: Nilesy plays BABY BLUES! (Nilesy Does Desura) Watch
Horror: One Late Night with Nilesy! (Nilesy Does Desura) Watch
Nilesy plays Insert Title Here! (Nilesy Does Desura) Watch
Nilesy Does Desura: Qbeh! Watch
Nilesy Does Desura: The Briefcase! Watch
Nilesy Plays MTBFreeride! (Nilesy Does Desura) Watch
DON`T KILL THE COW!!! (with Nilesy) Watch
Illusion: Ghost Killer with Nilesy! (Nilesy Does Desura / Horror) Watch
Nilesy is NOT a banana!! Watch
Nilesy is STILL not a banana!! Watch
7 Days with Nilesy!! Watch
7 Days with Nilesy: FINALE!! Watch
Nilesy plays The Chase! Watch
Nilesy plays Project Lockdown! Watch