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Nilesy and Hannah's Shack is Nilesy and Hannah's base for the duration of their Evicted! and Owl Island Minecraft series.

Layout and DesignEdit

The base was founded next to a pond, which was later named "Paul" by Nilesy. A second pond exists a short distance away, which Hannah christened "Ameila" (a reference to Amy "Amelia" Pond from Doctor Who). Nilesy originally requested that the base should resemble a Pagonda due to the fact they situated themselves in a cherry blossom biome. The base began as a small, single-storey building, but was expanded to include a second storey and two basement levels. Despite the additions the pair always seemed to be in constant need of more interior space. This led to most of their Thaumcraft setup being located on the roof.

The upper floor acts as a storage area, as well as housing Nilesy's equipment for utilising Force, while the first basement level is used for Witchery and the second for Ars Magica.

A dual perimeter fence marks the boundaries of the base, one inside the other, with the track for Nilesy's Cat Train running between the two. A wooden frame that acts as a walkway over Hannah's magical crop farm exists to the side of the shack. There is a stable to the rear and a cactus with a wind turbine on top next to Paul the pool. Hannah added a trapdoor at the edge of the pool that descends into their mines. A number of walruses are randomly placed around the shack.


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