Northgard is a real-time strategy game set in a Norse mythological universe. The game is developed by Shiro Games, an independent french studio particularly known for the Evoland series.

In YogiverseEdit

  • Lewis Brindley and Ben Edgar were the first Yogscast members to have played the game. The initial episode was apart of the OneShot series, with the later episodes being uploaded to the Civilization channel.
  • Zylus has also played the game, though only on his weekly streams. These streams were later uploaded to Yogscast Live.
  • Duncan Jones played the game solo, with episodes being uploaded to his channel.

Episode GuideEdit

Lewis and Ben - Northgard
Video Name Table yt
Northgard #2 - We`re Under Attack! Watch
Northgard #3 - War Chief Watch
Northgard #4 - Time To Pillage Watch
Duncan — Northgard
Video Name Table yt
NORTHGARD #1 - Winter is Coming! Watch
NORTHGARD #2 - Earthquake! Watch
NORTHGARD #3 - War! Watch
NORTHGARD #4 - Annoying the Neighbours Watch
Yogscast Live — Northgard
Video Name Table yt
Saturday Northgard Chillday w/ Zylus! - 4th March Watch
Northgard w/ Zylus! - 18th March 2017 Watch

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