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Oil Town is Lewis' base of operations in Druidz Downtown.


Oil Town is a capitalist country based upon oil. It is located in the desert, and Lewis has enslaved the entire population. The area slowly is being built with brown cobblestone and defences are weak with constant attacks by Harpies and Cockatrices.

To combat the persistent attacks, Lewis has started relocating Oil Town to a mesa biome. The two areas are connected via a short tunnel in the nether. He removed a significant amount of sand from this new area in order to stop mobs from spawning.


  • Lewis discovered Oil Town in episode three, Druidz Downtown - Strange Little Desert Town, but it is not seen due to Lewis' footage from the recording session being lost.
  • Some rough drawings of Oil Town are used to fill in for Lewis' footage for these episodes.
  • Duncan was the first to visit Oil Town. He arrived there accidentally though in Druidz Downtown #23 - Paratroopers, due to his portal from the nether bringing him to Lewis' base instead of his own. He was in Oil town for a short time and left to go back to his home, but on the way encountered a lava pool and was murdered by a Cockatrice.
  • Sjin arrived there in the next episode via the same method. He also leaves without looking around, only stopping to help himself to some carrots.


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