One Rash Rap is a song written, sung and produced by Hat Films which was released on December 4th, 2015. The song was written and recorded live during Hat Films' musical stream on the 4th of December for the 2015 Jingle Jam.

One Rash Rap was released in the album Population: You, along with 6 other tracks which were also written and recorded on the stream.


Cause you know I've had this rash since I was five years old,
All these doctors try to help me but I can't be told,
What it is, who am I, what this rash is meant to be!
If my haters think I'm dirty I don't wanna be clean!
Yea! Because I rap weird smell,
Bitch, I might be fatal but you just can't tell,
Clothes coming off, better wipe me down,
Only threads I need are a medical gown!

I'm a rash, y'all!
And I'm here to say,
I'm creeping up your leg in a major way!
Feel an itch, son?
Cause I've gone bright red,
Don't ignore me, son, or you'll end up dead!

I've got a crazy itch,
And It's fucking up my brain!
Got a dark red patch and I'm rapping with this pain,
It's incurable! Got no cream for dis,
Only meds I've got are the raps I spit!
Find a cure! I've got to find a cure!
I've rubbing this rash with a broken handsaw,
And I hate it! But I've got to fucking fake it,
The remedy's this melody - I guess I'll fucking take it!

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