The Orange Ninja is a character played by Sjin in his and Sips' Ninjas series.


The Orange Ninja is a ninja for hire who is given a target by his Client to kill the Burrito Bushido. The Ninja originally fails after he slips in pee outside of an outhouse. He tries again by throwing some rubber ninja stars at the Bushido, but misses and hits a wrestler. The ninja stars bounce back and hit him out of the sky.

The Orange Ninja attempts to kill the Bushido at the burrito contest by poisoning the burritos, but ends up poisoning the other contestents instead.

He is later, in episode 12, infected with an alien virus, that makes him turn yellow, it is fan speculation that this is the same character as Orange Spaceman, in episode 13 he is shown to have a craving for eating people.

Weapons & ToolsEdit

  • Rubber Sword
  • Rubber Ninja Stars
  • Poison Blow Fish

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