The Orange Spaceman is a character played by Sjin in his and Sips' Spacemen series.


Orange is an alien Spaceman who got thrown out of his Spaceship. Soon after, he met a Blue Spaceman who also got sucked into space. They started to talk about how they got there, when they landed on a uninhabited alien planet where they waited for rescue. Here they encountered many other Spacemen, including a space-love crazed Purple Spaceman.


  • Orange: "My friend Jimmy got shot in the face. So did Al, Steve, and John." Blue: "Wow, it sounds like a lot of your friends get shot in the face." Orange: "Yeah, but don't worry. I don't do that anymore."

Gear and WeaponsEdit

​Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Orange is the only alien to appear without a helmet and also the only character to show their whole face. However, when Blue removed his helmet in the Ninjas cameo, the back of his head looked like Sips.
  • Orange hates Humans, but still likes Blue, even though he is human.
  • In Voltz Episode 9, Sips and Sjin describe the functionality of their spacesuits to Ridgedog, saying that there are 'a couple of zips' that turn the suit into a ballroom gown, and that inside out the suit is a tuxedo. It's also waterproof.

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