PULSAR: Lost Colony is a space-age exploration game developed by Leafy Games, LC in 2014. With a procedurally generated galaxy, the player can explore the universe, defeat enemy spaceships as well as complete quests from non-player-characters. The game features full single-player and Multiplayer support. The game is currently in development, though a playable beta is available.

In Yogiverse Edit

Duncan, Sjin, Turps and Tom have all played the game together, with the episodes being uploaded to Duncan's channel.

Episode Guide Edit

Duncan — PULSAR: Lost Colony
Video Name Table yt
Pulsar Lost Colony #1 The Crew Watch
Pulsar Lost Colony #2 FIRST CONTACT Watch
Pulsar Lost Colony #3 LAVA PLANET Watch
Pulsar Lost Colony #4 ABANDON SHIP Watch
Pulsar Lost Colony - THE NEW CREW Watch
Pulsar Lost Colony - DISTRESS BEACON Watch
Pulsar Lost Colony - SCIENCE POWER Watch
Pulsar Lost Colony - INTERGALACTIC SANDWICH - Stream Highlights Watch

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