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Part 17: Yogcastle Construction Interrupted

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Part 17: Yogcastle Construction Interrupted
Season 1, Episode 17
Minecraft large
Posted December 18, 2010
Characters Xephos, Honeydew, Israphel
Channel BlueXephos
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Dark Constructions
Chasing Israphel

Yogcastle Construction Interrupted is the seventeenth episode in Season 1. It was uploaded December 18, 2010, and the video description reads: With construction of the 'Yogcastle in half-swing, the boys get interrupted in their building efforts. This episode marks the first real appearance of Israphel in the series.

Plot and SummaryEdit

The episode begins with Xephos inside the Yogcastle talking to Honeydew, commenting on the fact that portals in Minecraft SMP still aren't functioning properly. He heads towards the Cave of Terror where the Nether portal is now based, and immediately notices a change in the area: there are mushrooms all over the area, there is fire scattered around the portal, and the cobblestone they placed is now mossy. Simon appears from the storage room behind the portal and suggests that, although they can't get in, things may be leaking out of the portal.

The duo then return to the Yogcave realizing that Lewis has left the door open but Simon thinks it could be the same person who has built all of the other mysterious structures around the map. They go inside and Simon realizes that Lewis has left the door open again, even after talking about it mere seconds before.

Lewis and Simon begin to dig away at the Yogcave ceiling, hoping to begin construction on the Yogcastle and discuss several ideas for staircases. It gets dark quickly, and they worry about mobs dropping in on them from above, but Simon still pillars up slightly to assess the tower. As he does this, Lewis spots a name-tag ('Israphel') moving up the side of the tower and alerts Simon just as the unknown character looks down at them from the top of their own tower and begins firing arrows at them. They hurriedly block off the part of the Yogcave that where they are exposed and hide in the other half, whilst Simon shouts 'OI' into the chat. The character begins to move down the tower and appears right outside the front door, on the other side of the wall. Simon says 'PAX' and 'LET'S BE FRIENDS', with full intention to kill the mysterious character. Instead of responding to Simon, the character retreats into the distance.

They decide to give chase to the character. Simon breaks one of the flowers off of the Yogcave floor and says, "I HAVE SOMETHING FOR YOU FRIEND." The duo break down the barrier they built and head out the front door, and the episode ends with them chasing Israphel into the night. This marks the reason of how the SOI series got started...


Minecraft - Part 17 Yogcastle Construction Interrupted11:58

Minecraft - Part 17 Yogcastle Construction Interrupted

Memorable Quotes (Please reproduce the entire dialogue!)Edit

  • Simon: What if it's not you that left it open. That's the fucking thing. That's what.... sorry just scratching my beard there.
  • Simon: You left the fucking door.... Jesus! You were just saying about leaving the door open and you left the front door open!

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