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Part 21: Ceiling Construction Interrupted

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Part 21: Ceiling Construction Interrupted
Season 1, Episode 1
Minecraft large
Posted December 22, 2010
Characters Xephos, Honeydew, Israphel, Daisy the Cow
Channel BlueXephos
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Ceiling Construction Interrupted is the twenty-first episode of Season 1. It was uploaded December 22, 2010. The video description reads: Simon and Lewis get to work pimping out the Yogcastle but are again distracted by rude interruptions to their construction efforts.

Plot & SummaryEdit

The episode starts off with the two heroes admiring the change from Alpha to Beta in the game, and being puzzled by the many changes to their beloved Yogcave. Xephos comments "Do you reckon he's finally on our side.. or something?", when noticing the quite nice waterfall added to the back of the Yogcave. Honeydew's pet cow, Daisy, also dies, by being pushed down a mountain by Xephos, midway into the episode. However, the two companions get interrupted shortly after continuing the work on their ceiling above the Yogcave.

Several arrows start raining upon them, and all of a sudden a well-known nameplate appears below them on the main floor. Although the mysterious man seems hostile, Honeydew tries to reason with him(or tries to trick him and kill him), but fails and therefore pursues him into a tunnel being blocked by cobblestone, making it harder for them to reach him. When finally getting out of the tunnel, they spot Israphel again, still running away, past the stone formation similar to Stonehenge, and over a hill, leading them to a bridge to Terrorvale.

Characters AppearingEdit

Champions of Minecraftia:

  Xephos, Honeydew

Cult of Israphel:

  Israphel, Daisy the Cow(?)


Minecraft - Part 21 Ceiling Construction Interrupted12:26

Minecraft - Part 21 Ceiling Construction Interrupted

Simon and Lewis' twenty-first episode.

Memorable Quotes (Please don't reproduce the entire dialogue!)Edit

Lewis: "There's a sign on our front door, which is extremely creepy, have you seen this?"

Lewis: "Brrlrlrlrlrlrllwrrgggg.."


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