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Part 27: The Tunnel Run

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Please be aware that these Episode Summaries contain SPOILERS.

The Tunnel Run
Season 1, Episode 27
Minecraft large
Posted December 29 2010
Characters Xephos, Honeydew, Old Peculier, Creeper Boss
Channel BlueXephos
Episode guide
Part 26: The Tomb
Season 2
Part 27: The Tunnel Run is the final episode of Season 1 of Minecraft, ending on a cliffhanger that isn't fully resolved until the first episode of Season 3. It is also the video that holds the record for most views on a non-collaboration YoGPoD video, at 2,123,444 views as of 4:01 AM on the 23th of December, 2011.


The episode starts out with the two heroes, plus Old Peculier running up the stairs to meet Creeper Boss after beating Zombie Boss. Without warning, Creeper Boss sets off TNT. Everyone is okay, although there is now a giant hole in the secret mansion.

The Heroes find a hidden cellar under the mansion that contains a chest full of arrows. Honeydew and Old Peculier explore the mansion, looking for treasure and clues. Being distracted by treasure, no one noticed that Daisy Duke and Israphel are nowhere to be seen.

They now find a dark tunnel. After logging out for a brief second to fix the TNT bug, they go down the long tunnel. They travel down the tunnel for a while, when suddenly, a notification announces 'Daisy_Duke has left the game' alerting the Heroes that Daisy has left or been killed and that they didn't save her as they planned to. Old Peculier tries to be hopeful, telling the Heroes that he was about to propose to her.

After what seems like hours of walking through the dark tunnel, Old Peculier leaves the game. The Heroes worry that he had a heart attack because of the walking. Luckily, he returns moments later, announcing that he passed out.

Suddenly, they hear sounds from a nearby monster and the tunnel ends. They now find themselves by the Portal, near the Yogcave. Old Peculier believes that Israphel took Daisy Duke through the "Hellgate". After having a short sit down, they announce that they are going through the Portal. This is where Season 1 ends.


Minecraft - Part 27 The Tunnel Run17:00

Minecraft - Part 27 The Tunnel Run

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