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Part 5: The Legend of Pig Island

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Part 5: The Legend of Pig Island
Season 1, Episode 5
Minecraft large
Posted Dec 6, 2010
Characters Xephos (Lewis), Honeydew (Simon)
Channel BlueXephos
Episode guide
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Please be aware that these Episode Summaries contain SPOILERS.

The Legend of Pig Island is the fifth episode of Season 1. It was uploaded December 6, 2010. The video description reads: Simon and Lewis finally discover pigs.

Plot & SummaryEdit

The episode opens with Simon spotting some pigs in the distance. The pigs are based on a floating island named Pig Island, which Simon describes as "The floating, magical island of pigs." After killing all the inhabitants of the island, Simon falls off the island onto a tree, taking fall damage. He and Lewis then return to the Yogcave and cook their spoils to recover health. They then set about improving the cave, putting up lanterns, a wooden floor, and windows. Simon and Lewis then reflect on what to do next, and decide to take a break, ending the first playing session, deciding to see if they could get some of their friends to join them on their next session, specifically Lalna.

Characters AppearingEdit

Champions of Minecraftia:

  • Xephos
  • Honeydew


Minecraft - Part 5 The Legend of Pig Island11:06

Minecraft - Part 5 The Legend of Pig Island


"There's pigs, pigs!" Lewis

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!" Simon (after spotting the pigs)

"So, we need to find our way back to the do we do that?" Lewis

"Yeah, yeah, I've done it, it looks like a TURD." Lewis (describing the cooked meat)

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