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Part 6: The Mysterious Tree

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Part 6: The Mysterious Tree
Season 1, Episode 6
Minecraft large
Posted Dec 7, 2010
Characters Xephos (Lewis), Honeydew (Simon)
Channel BlueXephos
Episode guide
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Part 7: The Trial of the Pyramid
Please be aware that these Episode Summaries contain SPOILERS.

Part 6: The Mysterious Tree was the sixth episode of season 1. It was uploaded on December 7, 2010. 

Video DescriptionEdit

Simon and Lewis explore the wonders on Minecraft.

Plot and SummaryEdit

Xephos and Honeydew return to their Minecraft world to discover that a cow has moved into their Yogcave, presumably having spawned in one of the small grass patches at the edge of their house. Dubbing the cow Daisy, they move on to the more pressing matter - some creepers and zombies are jumping around in their back garden. Honeydew jokingly invites them in for some punch before closing the door in their faces. During the time the door is open, one can see a pressure plate, set up so that it can only be triggered from someone exiting the Yogcave from that door.They instead walk out the front entrance and notice an extremely deformed tree, wondering if someone has been messing around on the server. Returning to the Yogcave, Honeydew demonstrates how to make armor by killing Daisy with an axe, much to Xephos' dismay. The two eventually decide to return to the cave where Lewis spotted a creeper back in the first episode, but discover that it is just a big, empty hole in the side of the mountain. Deciding to return to the Yogcave before they are attacked by monsters, they set out, but Simon spots a bright light in the distance. Following it, the duo discover that the light was coming from a massive pyramid filled with lava.

Characters AppearingEdit

Champions of Minecraftia

Xephos, Honeydew


Minecraft - Part 6 The Mysterious Tree-009:53

Minecraft - Part 6 The Mysterious Tree-0


"Com'on in guys, have yourself some punch!" Simon (teasing the hostile mobs)

"It's like a fly, trying to get outta the window." Lewis (describing the cow daisy)
Daisy the cow

'Oh no!!! Daisy!!! Noooooo! Why would you do that, I loved that cow!'

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